25 Oct 2007

California Fires

How can people do things like this!! And....do they think they do other people a favour??? I do hope that the culprit will come forward!! How much destruction isn't going on here...due to ONE silly person....!!???
Award up to $150,000 for Santiago arson tip
Lake Forest:
The reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the arsonist who set the Santiago fire near Lake Forest and Irvine is up to $150,000...Read more here ....

With the smoke clearing and President Bush in California to tour fire-ravaged communities, the painful process of counting losses -- including two bodies found in San Diego County -- and moving forward started today across Southern California.The president, stepping off Air Force One tieless and in shirtsleeves, took an aerial tour from Marine Corps Air Station Miramar to a football field at San Pasqual High School in Escondido. The half-hour route took him over Rancho Bernardo, a Marine Corps helicopter pilot said. The tour covered a pastiche of flame-ravaged Southern California, includuing vast blackened hills and a tiled-roof mansion spared on top of a hill.

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  1. Anonymous26.10.07

    Hello Chessalee!

    What do you think about fire in Greece? If some people became crazy and put the fire like we also have in France (not this year fortunately), I think it's because they want to destroy a too hard world without economic pity... This the mosquitos pond, and I think the solution is not to build a strong "Flytox" insecticidal (authoritarian State), but to fill up the pond (Sorry for my English).

    Claude from France

  2. Hi Claude!! Welcome here! :) I feel just the same as about the fires in California! People don't think about other people and their lives!! and...what about the animals! they suffer too...