15 Oct 2007

Climate is changing!

Why is the climate changing? The 1990s were the warmest decade in the warmest century of the last millennium. Most experts agree that it’s getting hotter due to people burning fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas that emit heat-trapping, greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
Everyone needs to work together to prevent climate change in the near future. Scientists estimate that we need to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 60% to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. And limit temperature rises to not more than 2°C as everyone would find any more than this difficult to cope with.
If temperatures rise by more then three degrees some scientists think that large-scale, irreversible destruction like the Antarctic ice sheets melting, or the Gulf Stream ‘turning off’ could happen. The Gulf Stream is an ocean current that transports heat across the Atlantic to provide the UK with a warmer climate, year-round. If the Gulf Stream changed the UK might have a climate more like that of other places at the same latitude, for example, eastern Canada, which has much colder winters.

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and read more HERE about climate change.

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