16 Oct 2007

Government....wake up!

Nevada court stays execution of murderer at 11th hour
LOS ANGELES (AFP) - The execution of a convicted murderer in Nevada was stayed at the 11th hour on Monday after an appeal by rights groups over the method of lethal injection to be used.
William Castillo had been due to be executed at 8:30 pm (0330 GMT) but was spared following a last-ditch legal bid by the American Civil Liberties Union to the Nevada Supreme Court.
The ACLU petition argued that one of the lethal drugs due to be pumped into Castillo was so potent that it made it impossible to determine if the recipient was in pain when the execution was carried out.
"We're obviously delighted that the court has made the right decision," said ACLU attorney Lee Rowland, who presented oral arguments to the court. "It's not only legally correct, it's also morally correct."
Under the terms of the order, the ACLU must present further arguments to the court within 20 days for a full review of claims made in their petition, Rowland told AFP.
Castillo, 34, was sentenced to death for beating an 86-year-old Las Vegas woman to death with a tire iron during a burglary in 1995. He had not sought to appeal the death sentence.
My question is....what about all the murderers in South Africa!! If he gets the death sentence for doing this.....! and...in South Africa it is part of daily life to get beaten up to death....! So!! can our lovely government take notice please!
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  1. I firmly believe that the SA government, though voted in by the majority, are not doing what the majority want - i.e. the death penalty. Criminals seem to have more rights than the their victims.

  2. Is there a government !!! anywhere !! that is doing what the majority want ???