29 Oct 2007

Hugs and Dan Millman

This book sounds interesting...one blogger-friend told me about it and I want to read it....and then I found the author, Dan Millman's blog! This is what he says about hugs and....the video is really good...have a look...the video starts in black and white...and then something happens!! Enjoy!! Read more on Dan's blog....link at the end of the post!
While still a youth, some years ago, I avoided hugging whenever possible, even at obligatory family gatherings, preferring a firm handshake. I wasn’t yet old enough to even think about what circumstance might transpire before I would hug a . . . girl. And hugging other boys? Forget about it!
It wasn’t until some years later that I learned to enjoy the openness of embracing loved ones and friends (male or female).
There are certainly different kinds of hugs – as many as there are kinds of kisses. It’s all about intention. From culture to culture, the hug is a form of connection, affirmation, affection, greeting, farewell. There are hugs and kisses, hot clinches and just friendly pats on the back. There are melding hugs and A-Frames, quick hugs and hugs that linger long enough to take a deep sigh… and some of us hug trees.
I quite enjoy hugging, these days – except for certain occasions, as when I’m sitting at a table and signing books, because one hug leads to another and there are still books to sign and people waiting, so huggers have to wait at the end of the line.
Hugs are, most of the time, a non-sexual way of joining, of becoming one, of giving and receiving, if only for a few moments.
Some among us, for reasons of their own, remain uncomfortable with hugging — especially with members of the opposite (or same) gender, and are quick to reach out and offer a handshake ranging from the tepid fingertip hold to iron grasp (at a distance).
To hug or not to hug? Each of us has the right to define our own boundaries in this arena. For some, hugging requires a leap of faith, and act of courage.
Free Hugs Campaign. (music by Sick Puppies.net)

Dan's website here ...

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  1. Wow !!!! i just had to say , this so reflects my view of Hugs !! what a great posting !! ... what a great song, and video !! ...all of it ... but little old lady in hat !!! what a delight !!! followed by young girl !! all hugging !!! kept playing it again and again !!!!.... must seek out Dan too !!!
    After that !!! what can i say !! but HUGS !! HUGS !!! from Tony

  2. Yep, my view too, Tony!! Hope you've received my hug! :)

  3. hugs from me too!

  4. Hi niki, like your blogs, and the pics you have in each your blogs are wonderful. C u on my blogs.

  5. Anonymous1.11.07

    And of course my warm hug to Chessalee and all of you.
    Hugs must go on all arround the World!
    Claude from France

  6. hi norrbu...thanks! hope you can pass it on! :)

    hi Champ...tks for your comments...i would like to spend more time on your blog...I took a peep and quite liked what I saw...:)

    Hi Claude...nice to see you around again...and another hug to you too! :)