3 Nov 2007


Richard Bach has been one of my favourite writers for a couple of years....my first book I've read written by him, was "Jonathan Livingston Seagull"...That was a fantastic book..... I've read it about 3-4 times since the first time. I've also bought it a second time! This book...."The adventures of a Reluctant Messiah"....was my latest book I've finished reading. One chess player knew I was a fan of Bach and he recommended this book. It was a bit "different" than the other books I read by him...books like "One"...."A Bridge across forever"...."The gift of wings"..."There is no such place as faraway"...all books I've read...but I really enjoyed it too.
Follow this link to read more about Richard Bach.

Here is more reading about Richard Bach in Wikipedia...


  1. Hi Nikita, allways good things with you here :)) Did you also see the film "Jonathan Livingston the Seagull"? Very poetic, strong, spiritual!

  2. Hi Claude! No, would like to see it though! But from the book, I can agree what you say!