10 Nov 2007

Remembrance day

Let us not forget today....People who died for our freedom during the wars! People who served during the wars....Remembrance day...11 November, 11 am....
Why the Poppy?
Scarlet poppies (popaver rhoeas) grow naturally in conditions of disturbed earth throughout Western Europe. The destruction brought by the Napoleonic wars of the early 19th Century transformed bare land into fields of blood red poppies, growing around the bodies of the fallen soldiers.

In late 1914, the fields of Northern France and Flanders were once again ripped open as the First World War raged through Europe's heart.

The significance of the poppy as a lasting memorial symbol to the fallen was realised by the Canadian surgeon John McCrae in his poem In Flanders Fields. The poppy came to represent the immeasurable sacrifice made by his comrades and quickly became a lasting memorial to those who died in the First World War and later conflicts.

Read HERE on my Wordpress blog more about Remembrance day and there's poems and an audio file where a Canadian Veteran talking about the war and more images too.


  1. I will remember! Thank for the reminder!

  2. Hi Nikita,
    A great post once again. Keep writing and hope you do the meme soon!

  3. Hi Andrew...glad I could remind you!!

    Hello Meghna...thanks for your comments! Will start thinking!! There's so many things...:)

  4. I can't remember if I ever told you, but I'm a veteran. U.S. Air Force, Vietnam era.

    Thank you for that post, both here and on Chessworld. In America we call it Veterans Day.

  5. Hi Dan...can't remember...perhaps you did! Yes, I've read that you call it in America Veterans day! :)