14 Nov 2007

South African blacks...by Rev Sibiya

This article was published on Sunday 28th October 2007 in a South African newspaper...quite interesting ....click on the image for a larger view!


  1. Exceptional article! I'm very glad that you posted it. In which newspaper was this article?
    It is just a pity that the SA Government doesn't accept such sober thoughts. They are still quagmired in the old "black vs white" mentality and it does a lot of damage to the (already fragile) social/emotional well-being of South Africans.

  2. A very good article. I wish it could be printed in my country, as we suffer from much the same mentality.

  3. Hi boer...it was in the "Sun"..not a newspaper known to me...perhaps you know what type of newspaper it is...maybe a fairly new newspaper...I don't know...if you know, leave me a message about it...I'm not updated with all newspapers in SA, as you...lol....and about the "well-being" you're referring to....exactly!!

    Hi Dan...wish this article could make the Headlines in all countries' newspapers...but, it is not racism white against black...so it won't...if that was the case, it was immediately headlines all over the world!!! ...and yes, one would not expect something like that in America!

  4. Nikita, it such a pity that it was in a newspaper with such a reputation as The Sun....The Sun is a "Sex & lies" tabloid and not recommended intellectual reading.

  5. Hi Boer...whoops! ok! LOL!! it was forwarded to me in my email...and I was quite curious to know what newspaper that is...didn't know our country is going down-hill with newspapers too!! seems to me everything is going down the drain since you and I aren't there anymore to keep everybody on track, will have to have a word with Kop!! Hope he's reading here..:))