29 Dec 2007

South Africa Closed Chess Champion 2007

Henry Steel, South Africa's Closed Chess Champion 2007! Follow the link at the bottom of this post to read more and to see the results.

I came across Tauriq’s blog…and he seems to be getting very excited about chess events taking place in South Africa, as his blog contains poems about different events! I think it is quite cool! Well done Tauriq! I like it! Here’s one about the Closed Championship…..enjoy!

SA Closed
12 Warriors entered the circle
3 will stay in the cube
The rest must die.

9 tombs will scatter
the terrain of 64 squares
Engraved, the names of sacrifice.

But unlike most wars,

there are no funerals here.
Flowers remain strewn everywhere.
Unlike most battles,prisons have no cells,
dungeons hold no chains.

Continue on the link!....

Click HERE to read the poem further! And...to see results of the championships.

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