22 May 2008

I know a place in Africa

Image: Marius van der Westhuizen - from: DigitaleKameraklub.co.za

This poem is an English poem written by Wayne Visser, he's a South African living in the UK. You can see his homepage on the link at the bottom of this post. He writes some inspirational poetry about Africa/South Africa....and I've translated one of his poems into Afrikaans. Please enjoy this beautiful poem and if you understand Afrikaans, I do hope you enjoy the Afrikaans translation too.

Ek weet van ‘n plek in Afrika

Ek weet van ‘n plek in Afrika
Waar ek die son op my rug voel skyn
En die sand tussen my tone speel
Waar ek die seemeeu op die windjie hoor
En golwe op eindlose strande breek

----------------------------------------I know a place in Africa…
Inspiring poetry written by Wayne Visser,
a South African currently based in Nottingham, UK.

I know a place in Africa
Where I can feel the sun on my back
And the sand between my barefoot toes
Where I can hear the gulls on the breeze
And the waves crash on the endless shore

Please click HERE to read the entire poem written by Wayne Visser...and my translation in Afrikaans...you can also read Wayne's comments about my translation...

This is Wayne's message which he's sent me via email...if you're interested...drop him an email!

“Hello again I thought I'd let you (and your lekker vriende) know that I've launched a "Poets of Africa" blog - http://poetsofafrica.blogspot.com/. Afrikaanse digters welkom! Just email me on
wayne@waynevisser.com and I will give permission for you to post. Kwa heri Wayne”


  1. Do you know who should be credited for the beautiful photo of the tree and sun flashing below it? I would like to use that image to illustrate an article I am publishing for suite101.com

    Would that be okay? Whom shall I credit? I will also list your url, which people will see when they hover over the photo.

    Thank you.
    Laura Bernell laura@bernelleditorial.com

  2. http://www.digitalekameraklub.co.za/images/Julie2007/marius_vd_west_nog_n_pragtige_oggend_pictorial.jpg

    hi Laura!
    This is the link of the Photo...if you click the photo, you will also see the link... it is Marius van der Westhuizen from the site: Digitale Kameraklub (Afrikaans Language]- Digital Camera club {in English} -the site is a site from South Africa (co.za)

    Enjoy! use it and give the credit to Marius!

  3. PS: the rest of the photo-url says: "Not 'n pragtige oggend"- pictorial - that means [in English] - "another beautiful morning"