13 Feb 2010

Chess and Chess

This chessgame was completed yesterday on chess.com. I played white in this game and wasn't sure if I was going to win this game and only near to the end of this game I was more sure...with my opponent allowing me to check his King with my Rook and from there it was quite an easy win. This is the endposition of the game.

This is a game I've finished a while ago. I played black in this game and my opponent resigned in this game and said I was a tough nut to crack.[hehe] You can see how I - as always - like to have my Knights instead of my Bishops.

In this next game I played black too. This is one of my old games of a few years ago. He's also a South African player and we played this game in a tourney. His rating was about 400 higher than mine. I do like the checkmate position in this game.
In this next game - also from about 3 years ago, I also played black. I don't always keep my Bishops and in this game I must say, I quite used them effectively. My opponent resigned in this game too.

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