24 Dec 2011

Chess for the birds

In Chess you get different openings and the 'Bird opening' is one of  many openings. In this first game - vs one of my American chess friends - the Bird opening was played. I played black in this game. In the next image you can see the end position.

Before Christmas - a chess game - or two!
Game 2 - I played white and in game 3 I played black - both games  were played against the same player. I always play for the fun of it and don't really put too much effort in my games, as I really want to relax only. So, you might decide it's not good play from my side either, but that's all for the fun of chess - if you're not a serious player. I really have time only for 2-3 games during holidays and therefore see it as time to catch-up with chess friends and their comings and goings. 
Merry Christmas!

Talking about birds - this is one of my favourite smaller birds of South Africa - the Mossie - or a sparrow. This photo is from Flickr:Ruslou/6239953222
Female Cape Sparrow (Passer melanurus)

Click HERE to play one of my most recent games on chess.com. This is a game against one of my favourite players and he normally beats me up. This time, with black, I was in the winning position.This is the end position - we've decided to start a new game, hopefully I will not allow him to beat me up in this next game too! :)

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