3 Apr 2012

Thou shall not move

Playing black, I completed this game today. My opponent, a female, is a deadly player. She frustrated me quite a lot with her style of playing. So much, that I nearly resigned the game, as I felt there was not really a ‘plan‘ according to her style/moves. She was just attacking left, right and centre and used her Queen everywhere. I soon realised that I might stand a chance of winning the game, for the way she played and sometimes it felt like she was moving pieces randomly. That of course frustrated me too, but guess it might work great in chess – if that’s what you try to get your opponent to be - frustrated. Loosing her Queen was the ultimate sign of lack of concentration and I knew there was no way she could win the game anymore and I was patiently waiting for the next error, which was the Rook-move. Rook A6 and I responded with QA1. Thou shall not move.…sounded.

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