26 Feb 2008

Karpov in South Africa

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image: chesscorner


20 Feb 2008

Chess puzzle 3

My first chess book...at the age of 11

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16 Feb 2008

Chess puzzle 1

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Cold War on ice!

LONDON - Russia and Britain clashed Thursday in a cold war with a difference — a chess game played on ice, simultaneously, in Moscow and London.

Former world champion Anatoly Karpov and British grandmaster Nigel Short battled it out using giant chess pieces carved from ice, some of them sculpted to represent famous landmarks in the two cities.

The game took place on chessboards measuring 64 square yards in Moscow’s Pushkin Square and London’s Trafalgar Square.

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Lift your spirits!

If you love reading, this book is really a must!! Read HERE why I say this and see a movie too...


2 Feb 2008

Pilgrim's Rest

Pilgrim's Rest is a historical town in South Africa. To see more pictures, please click HERE and enjoy!

THIS LINK on my Wordpress blog, you can see more beautiful pictures and even take a "tour" through the eastern part of the country!- of course... South Africa and read about "Jock of the Bushveld", this special dog and why he's part of the history in that area.