18 Jan 2009

2 Jan 2009

Chess, love, music and the African Juniors!

My first entry for 2009! Hope your year is going to be a wonderful 2009.
If you want to read about my "melodies of love" and to listen to Jean-Claude Borelly...AND to know how to get his album with Dolannes Melody...for free! then, you better
click here and if you want to know what's going on with the African Junior Chess Championships in South Africa...then I suggest that you follow this link here, but if you want both...greedy, hey..like me..you can click on one of the links and still get both..as it's on my Wordpress-blog, the most recent entries..do enjoy! The links will open in a new window. This image in this entry is my "creation"..beautiful, isn't it?:)