24 Jul 2009

African Individual Chess Championship - Tripoli

Round 3 on 2009/07/23 at 15:00
WIM Alaa el Din Yosra vs WFM Latreche Sabrina–0-1
WIM Solomons Anzel vs WCM Beddar Karima– 1-0
WGM Mona Khaled vs WIM Greeff Melissa –1-0
WIM Mezioud Amina vs Al Jahani Marwah –1-0
Elansary Eman vs Elgohary Myada –1-0
Rahal Mawadda vs Abdulgader Amira–1/2
WFM Mudongo Boikhutso vs WFM Elfelo Khouled–1/2
Al Felo Ekhlas vs Matoussi Amina–0-1


1-3 : (2,5 Points) : IM. Kenny Solomon, GM. Ahmed Adley & GM. Essam Elgindy

4-5 : (2,0 Points) : GM. Amon Simutowe, IM. Watu Kobese & GM. Amin Bassem

GM. Slim Belkhidja is on 1,5 Points and we have no word yet on GM. Aimen Rezouk except to report that IM.Kenny Solomon took advantage of him in pocketing full score!
This tournament is now taking place in Libya. Many players couldn't get visas to enter Libya...more info on a link on my Wordpress-blog. Little information is available about this tournament. Please click HERE to follow the tournament in Tripoli and to read more about the "issues". The link will open in a new window.

11 Jul 2009

South African Open Chess Championship 2009

If you have missed out on the South African Open 2009, you are still in time to catch-up with some news as this tournament ends only today!

Please click here to read more and to see the results of all the rounds.The final round - round 11 - is being played this morning at 11:00-16:00 South African local time. The link will open in a new window.

Exciting news: Ryan van Rensburg (2106) (SA) drew a game against GM Dimitri Komarov (2530) (UKR). Ryan has also beaten IM Watu Kobese (2493) (SA) in round 7 and in round 8 he drew a game against IM MABUSELA, JM (2244)! Ryan drew in round 9 his game against IM P Wang (2453) and in round 10: Ryan drew his game against FM NP van der Nat (2322) and also, FM CCA De Villiers -2179- (SA) drew against GM G Jones-2550-(ENG).

From Chesscube: The South African Open is being contested by 208 with the following nations being represented in the field: AUS, ENG, EB, EK, FRA, GER, HUN, KEN, MAW, MOZ, NAM, NWP, NZL, RSA, UK, UKR, WP, ZIM. With 2 GM’s, a handful of IM’s, and a couple of FM’s/CM’s in the field, you are for sure to see good chess. There are 3 games being played live exclusively to ChessCube of SA Open. To watch these games all you have to do is go into the SA room and you can watch straight away. Games are commencing at 9:30 and 18.30 each day – local time.
In a world first for chess, some of the matches will be played online. This is a format many internet chess players have been waiting for – an online event being played simultaneously over 2 continents, yet officially recognized and rated by FIDE!
From Melbourne, Australia, behind the computer screens will be GM Gawain Jones (GBR, ELO 2550), IM Puchen Wang (NZL, ELO 2453), IM Mirko Rujevic (AUS, ELO 2282), and IM Leonid Sandler (AUS, ELO 2332) on standby. On the other end of the computer terminal at Cape Town, South Africa, will sit their opponents. The South African opponents will be paired each round, as will all the other players, using the Swiss Pairing system. This means that three different South African players will play online every round.
“Having these players compete in the tournament from another location using the Internet is a world first. Each Australian player will use a computer to connect to ChessCube and play their game, and will be supervised by the arbiter on that side. Similarly the players paired against them in Cape Town will play their games online using a computer, and will be supervised by an arbiter on this side,” commented Mr. Mark Levitt, founder of ChessCube. FIDE rated event over the internet! FIDE have agreed to officially rate the games played over the Internet.ChessCube powering the community and the SA OpenChessCube as a playing platform has been bringing innovative ideas into online chess playing for the last couple of months, turning into one of the busiest and most populated web chess servers with player peaks reaching over 3000 players online simultaneously, and a growing base that has eclipsed half a million users. The platform has turned into something that the chess world has been missing at previous online chess communities – it is a place where one can socialize and have fun at the same time.
Now ChessCube are taking a step further and create a tournament, part of which will take place online, and will be officially recognized by FIDE.- source: chessdom