9 Feb 2014

Rooks in a row

1.d4 d5 2.Nc3 a6 3.Nxd5 Qxd5 4.Bf4 c6 5.Bxb8 Rxb8 6.Qd2 Bf5 7.Nf3 f6 8.e3 g5 9.Rg1 Rc8 10.h3 c5 11.Bd3 Bxd3 12.Qxd3 b5 13.Qd2 e5 14.dxe5 Qxd2+ 15.Kxd2 Rd8+ 16.Ke2 h5 17.exf6 Nxf6 18.Nxg5 Ke7 19.c3 Bh6 20.Nf3 Rd5 21.Rge1 Ne4 22.Red1 Rhd8 23.Rac1 Bg7 24.a3 a5 25.c4 bxc4 26.Rxc4 Nf6 27.Rxd5 Rxd5 28.b3 Nd7 29.a4 Bf6 30.e4 Rg5 31.Nxg5 Bxg5 32.g3 h4 33.gxh4 Bf6 34.h5 Kd6 35.f4 Bg7 36.f5 Ke5 37.Kf3 Bf8 38.Rc1 Nf6 39.Rd1 Nxe4 40.Rd8 Bd6 41.Re8+ Kxf5 42.Rxe4 Kg5 43.Re6 Bf8 44.Re5+ Kh4 45.Kg2 Bd6 46.Re6 Bf4 47.h6 Kg5 48.h7 Kf5 49.Re8 Be5 50.h8=Q Bxh8 51.Rxh8 Ke4 52.h4 Kd3 53.h5 Kc3 54.h6 Kxb3 55.Rc8 Kxa4 56.Rxc5 Kb4 57.Rc8 a4 58.h7 a3 59.h8=Q a2 60.Qc3+ Kb5 61.Rb8+ 1-0
This is a recent game on chess.com - where I play only friendlies to take my mind off from the daily rush and know I can just relax. I like the rooks in a neat line, ready to go on a trip - somewhere in 'chess world'. I wonder if they were having a 'row' about something?

4 Aug 2013

Chaos - in front of the door of the British

I blame the UK government for the chaos in Zimbabwe. We all know what happened in the 1980's and Ian Smith. If you don't know the 'whole story', please make an effort and read. Zimbabweans are suffering, we know the 'rest'. Who is to blame, yes, Mugabe of course as well! But... who is first in the line to blame? I rest my case. [click the image for a larger view, or see the link]

17 May 2013

Theme song - Beautiful!

Take a Dutchman, the kind of Dutchman that fought against all the might of Spain, intermix him with the inflexible French high notes. Take him through 8 generations of war, put him in a country suitable for  huntsman, marksman and Ryder  Put a finer temper in him, threw the Bible, and you get the Afrikaner Boer [not pronounced boar!] A nation so strong that it took the British Empire 191 000 000 pounds, 3 years and 480 000 soldiers to conquer the 2 poorest smallest states in the world.

31 Mar 2013

The Candidates - London Chess 2013

Photo: Round 12
FIDE Candidates Tournament
Round 1 on 2013/03/15 at 14.00
1GMAronian Levon2809½ - ½GMCarlsen Magnus28728
2GMGelfand Boris2740½ - ½GMRadjabov Teimour27937
3GMIvanchuk Vassily2757½ - ½GMGrischuk Alexander27646
4GMSvidler Peter2747½ - ½GMKramnik Vladimir28105
Round 2 on 2013/03/16 at 14.00
8GMCarlsen Magnus2872½ - ½GMKramnik Vladimir28105
6GMGrischuk Alexander2764½ - ½GMSvidler Peter27474
7GMRadjabov Teimour27931 - 0GMIvanchuk Vassily27573
1GMAronian Levon28091 - 0GMGelfand Boris27402
Round 3 on 2013/03/17 at 14.00
2GMGelfand Boris27400 - 1GMCarlsen Magnus28728
3GMIvanchuk Vassily27570 - 1GMAronian Levon28091
4GMSvidler Peter27471 - 0GMRadjabov Teimour27937
5GMKramnik Vladimir2810½ - ½GMGrischuk Alexander27646
Round 4 on 2013/03/19 at 14.00
8GMCarlsen Magnus28721 - 0GMGrischuk Alexander27646
7GMRadjabov Teimour2793½ - ½GMKramnik Vladimir28105
1GMAronian Levon2809½ - ½GMSvidler Peter27474
2GMGelfand Boris2740½ - ½GMIvanchuk Vassily27573
Round 5 on 2013/03/20 at 14.00
3GMIvanchuk Vassily2757½ - ½GMCarlsen Magnus28728
4GMSvidler Peter2747½ - ½GMGelfand Boris27402
5GMKramnik Vladimir2810½ - ½GMAronian Levon28091
6GMGrischuk Alexander2764½ - ½GMRadjabov Teimour27937
Round 6 on 2013/03/21 at 14.00
4GMSvidler Peter27470 - 1GMCarlsen Magnus28728
5GMKramnik Vladimir2810½ - ½GMIvanchuk Vassily27573
6GMGrischuk Alexander2764½ - ½GMGelfand Boris27402
7GMRadjabov Teimour27930 - 1GMAronian Levon28091
Round 7 on 2013/03/23 at 14.00
8GMCarlsen Magnus2872½ - ½GMRadjabov Teimour27937
1GMAronian Levon2809½ - ½GMGrischuk Alexander27646
2GMGelfand Boris2740½ - ½GMKramnik Vladimir28105
3GMIvanchuk Vassily2757½ - ½GMSvidler Peter27474
Round 8 on 2013/03/24 at 14.00
8GMCarlsen Magnus2872½ - ½GMAronian Levon28091
7GMRadjabov Teimour27930 - 1GMGelfand Boris27402
6GMGrischuk Alexander27641 - 0GMIvanchuk Vassily27573
5GMKramnik Vladimir28101 - 0GMSvidler Peter27474
Round 9 on 2013/03/25 at 14.00
5GMKramnik Vladimir2810½ - ½GMCarlsen Magnus28728
4GMSvidler Peter2747½ - ½GMGrischuk Alexander27646
3GMIvanchuk Vassily27571 - 0GMRadjabov Teimour27937
2GMGelfand Boris27401 - 0GMAronian Levon28091
Round 10 on 2013/03/27 at 14.00
8GMCarlsen Magnus28721 - 0GMGelfand Boris27402
1GMAronian Levon28091 - 0GMIvanchuk Vassily27573
7GMRadjabov Teimour2793½ - ½GMSvidler Peter27474
6GMGrischuk Alexander27640 - 1GMKramnik Vladimir28105

Round 11 on 2013/03/28 at 14.00
6GMGrischuk Alexander2764½ - ½GMCarlsen Magnus28728
5GMKramnik Vladimir28101 - 0GMRadjabov Teimour27937
4GMSvidler Peter27471 - 0GMAronian Levon28091
3GMIvanchuk Vassily2757½ - ½GMGelfand Boris27402
Round 12 on 2013/03/29 at 14.00
8GMCarlsen Magnus28720 - 1GMIvanchuk Vassily27573
2GMGelfand Boris2740½ - ½GMSvidler Peter27474
1GMAronian Levon28090 - 1GMKramnik Vladimir28105
7GMRadjabov Teimour2793½ - ½GMGrischuk Alexander27646
Round 13 on 2013/03/31 at 14.00
7GMRadjabov Teimour27930 - 1GMCarlsen Magnus28728
6GMGrischuk Alexander2764½ - ½GMAronian Levon28091
5GMKramnik Vladimir2810½ - ½GMGelfand Boris27402
4GMSvidler Peter27471 - 0GMIvanchuk Vassily27573
Round 14 on 2013/04/01 at 14.00

8GMCarlsen Magnus28720 - 1GMSvidler Peter27474
3GMIvanchuk Vassily27571 - 0GMKramnik Vladimir28105
2GMGelfand Boris2740½ - ½GMGrischuk Alexander27646
1GMAronian Levon28721 - 0GMRadjabov Teimour27937

2 Apr 2011

Chess world rocked by French cheating scandal

Three top French chess players have been found guilty of cheating in last year's world championship, using an ingenious messaging system.

The French chess federation has suspended Sébastien Feller, a 20-year-old grandmaster, his team-mate Cyril Marzolo, 32, and Arnaud Hauchard, 39, the French team captain. It said they used mobile text messages, a remote chess computer and coded signals to beat the opposition.

The fraud, which took place during last September's Chess Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, has rocked the chess world, which prides itself on its code of honour.

Rival teams have been known to accuse each other of cheating, but in this case the whistle-blower was the French federation's own vice president, Joanna Pomian.
She became suspicious when she found a text message addressed to Mr Marzolo, which read: "Hurry up and send me some moves." It was sent from Russia by Mr Hauchard during the competition.

She examined Mr Marzolo's itemised phone bill and found he had sent more than 150 text messages to Mr Feller during the tournament, plus 30 to Mr Hauchard. Unable to look at their contents due to a privacy ruling, she and the federation nevertheless remained "convinced" the players had cheated.
The federation said the system required Mr Marzolo to follow the game via the internet. He logged the moves into a chess computer then texted its suggested moves to Mr Hauchard in codes within phoney telephone numbers.

The captain communicated these to Mr Feller during his match by standing next to a particular player who represented a pre-agreed number and a figure. Mr Feller could follow his captain's movements to know which piece to move and where.
Mr Feller won three games at the tournament, enough to earn him a gold medal and €5,000 (£4,400).
According to Laurent Vérat, the federation's director-general, Mr Feller and Mr Hauchard owned up to the fraud in October, but "refused to sign any documents".
"The only thing that mattered to them was that the affair didn't get out," he told Le Parisien.
Mr Feller and Mr Marzolo were handed down five-year suspensions while Mr Hauchard received a life ban from being team captain or a coach.
The three deny any wrongdoing and have appealed against the ruling.

See this link for the article - the link will open in a new window

19 Dec 2010

Seasonal Greetings

With this video I want to say - Have a Great Christmas and wish you everything the best for this time of year.

30 Oct 2010

What kind of chess player are you?

Do you see yourself in one of these images? Click on the image for a larger view.

29 Oct 2010

That kind of news again

Police probe cargo jet 'packages'
Officials are investigating reports of several packages on aircraft in the eastern United States cities of Philadelphia and Newark, New Jersey.In Britain, parts of East Midlands Airport were sealed off earlier on Friday following the discovery of a suspicious package.Police called to a freight distribution building and a number of offices at the Donington site are examining a suspicious package

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Update: 30/10-Click the image for a larger view. To read the complete article, click
HERE and you can also watch a short clip on this link. The link will open in a new window.

27 Aug 2010

Truro - Cornwall

Cathedral Lane - just opposite the Cathedral

We've been to Cornwall for a few days and visited Truro and the Truro Cathedral. You can see a few pics of the city and also read part of a news article about David Cameron whose baby was born at Truro a few days ago too. The weather wasn't really great and we didn't spend that much time at Truro, but I would like to go back and visit again in the future. You might want to click on the photos for a larger view.

25 Jul 2010

The Chess Players

Image posted HERE with more information about the sculpture. The link to the map is where you can view the sculpture in Washington, DC.

View Larger Map

Just the music for a relaxing chess game!

21 Jul 2010

SA Open 2010

It is time for Chess in South Africa again. This time the SA Open 2010. Last year we had 3 GM's played in this tournament and participating from different continents! Follow
this link to find out more about the SA Open Chess Championships 2010. The venue is in Pretoria, photos on the link of the venue too.