27 Jun 2010

Beautiful - Die Kasteel Kaapstad

Beautiful, the old flag of South Africa! Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town
Read HERE more about the Castle of Good Hope that was built between 1666 and 1679 in Cape Town. This is the OLDEST building in South Africa, built by the Dutch. The link will open in a new window.

12 Jun 2010

Waitrose and South African food

Waitrose has sent around a leaflet-thingy about South African food they're selling [promoting]...and they're also on terms with the word Braai...hmmm...must be a South African that put together this leaflet+photos. Wish Tesco and the others want to follow! Tesco: Take note please! [uhm... on the background the vuvuzelas are humming like madness! England 1-US 1...and almost another goal for the Americans! - this is feedback from the front-house...lol...too boring for me to watch - gimme rugby, braaivleis and biltong!]