31 Oct 2007

London Buses and their drivers!

I don't know what bus drivers in other countries are like. Wonder if they are like some bus drivers here in London? You get bus drivers like I experienced today...and it wasn't my first experience with these bus drivers! There are the kind drivers and the cruel drivers! Yes, I would like to classify them as cruel!
I got on bus H37 to Richmond. The driver: Very kind and friendly. When other people were running for the bus, he stopped, waited patiently and they got on and thanked him for waiting. A couple of times it happened on my way to Richmond...and I thought...what a friendly man! Wish all drivers were like that!!
From Richmond, I was on bus 371 to Kingston... that was really a different experience. For the first time I got on a bus where the street names got announced! So, I don't have to worry! It was so cool!! Whenever the doors closed, the announcement came in a clear female voice: (of course female, we've got clear friendly voices!) "Bus 371....(pause).....to.....(pause)....Kingston!" This driver was also very friendly, waited for people who came a second or two too late, but indicated they want to get on too....
My trip back...from Richmond...from that particular point, where I had to catch my bus, there were also people waiting for buses to other directions... Bus ? stop, people got on....doors closed...one man came about 5 secs late...(doors already closed, driver hasn't started driving yet!!) The bus driver sat, plainly ignoring the man knocking as hard as he could for the driver to open. I mean, the bus wasn't moving at all!! Hasn't he got some eye span? He surely could see the man!! The man was also waving....but....to no avail!!

My bus arrived...got on...no problem...no announcements...also on the 371 back from Kingston...no announcements either...anyway....twice the driver ignored other people who were clearly running for the bus!! WHY ARE DRIVERS LIKE THIS!! So inhuman!!! This world would be such a better world and friendly world to live in if everyone could be more kind to other people!! Some people just don't have a heart! I think we should report drivers like that....
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29 Oct 2007

Hugs and Dan Millman

This book sounds interesting...one blogger-friend told me about it and I want to read it....and then I found the author, Dan Millman's blog! This is what he says about hugs and....the video is really good...have a look...the video starts in black and white...and then something happens!! Enjoy!! Read more on Dan's blog....link at the end of the post!
While still a youth, some years ago, I avoided hugging whenever possible, even at obligatory family gatherings, preferring a firm handshake. I wasn’t yet old enough to even think about what circumstance might transpire before I would hug a . . . girl. And hugging other boys? Forget about it!
It wasn’t until some years later that I learned to enjoy the openness of embracing loved ones and friends (male or female).
There are certainly different kinds of hugs – as many as there are kinds of kisses. It’s all about intention. From culture to culture, the hug is a form of connection, affirmation, affection, greeting, farewell. There are hugs and kisses, hot clinches and just friendly pats on the back. There are melding hugs and A-Frames, quick hugs and hugs that linger long enough to take a deep sigh… and some of us hug trees.
I quite enjoy hugging, these days – except for certain occasions, as when I’m sitting at a table and signing books, because one hug leads to another and there are still books to sign and people waiting, so huggers have to wait at the end of the line.
Hugs are, most of the time, a non-sexual way of joining, of becoming one, of giving and receiving, if only for a few moments.
Some among us, for reasons of their own, remain uncomfortable with hugging — especially with members of the opposite (or same) gender, and are quick to reach out and offer a handshake ranging from the tepid fingertip hold to iron grasp (at a distance).
To hug or not to hug? Each of us has the right to define our own boundaries in this arena. For some, hugging requires a leap of faith, and act of courage.
Free Hugs Campaign. (music by Sick Puppies.net)

Dan's website here ...

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NFL Star: They Speak English In London?

WOW!!! An American...not knowing THIS!?? What's going on in their Educational System??? When I was 11, I had to know all the countries in the world, PLUS their capitals PLUS another big city!! I can still remember the three columns in my book with the maps stuck in and we were drilled till death with those names!! I mean, it is understandable if he doesn't know that Afrikaans is one of our 11 official languages in South Africa or any other language than English in any other country! But, I mean, London!!! And he didn't even know where London was!! If it was Pretoria in South Africa...I mean...but LONDON!! What a shame!
Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder has admitted not knowing people speak English in London.
The NFL player might want to check a map before he gets on board a plane for Sunday's prestige game against the New York Giants at Wembley Stadium.
Crowder, who comes from Atlanta in Georgia, may be praised on the field, but confessed geography was not his strong point.
He admitted he did not know until now where London was - or that Londoners spoke English.
"I couldn't find London on a map if they didn't have the names of the countries," he said.
"I swear to God. I don't know what nothing is. I know Italy looks like a boot. I learned that."
Crowder added: "I know (Washington Redskins linebacker) London Fletcher. We did a football camp together. So I know him.
"That's the closest thing I know to London. He's black, so I'm sure he's not from London. I'm sure that's a coincidental name."
The Miami Dolphins are play the New York Giants at Wembley this Sunday in the first NFL regular-season game to be played outside the United States. Source: HERE

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27 Oct 2007

The Moth....

When reading this poem about the moth...it reminded me about the poem written by one of our best poets/writers: C J Langenhoven. he also wrote "The Call of South Africa" our National Anthem. (You can listen to it in Afrikaans and English, it is somewhere on my blog...). If you know the Dutch language, or even Flemish, you would be able to follow it in Afrikaans, as Dutch is the "Mother" language of Afrikaans. Read more about Afrikaans HERE ...

The Moth

The moth toward the orb he flew,

In ever ascending spirals.

And in his harmonic mind there grew,

A feeling of sad tranquility.

For the destination was in sight,

As the ending of the day.

And even as his mind it merged,

so the atmosphere his body purged,

Until he faded and became one,

Unknown and unnoticed by each,

But not all.

Read more about Langenhoven here.

(the moth and the candle)
~~CJ Langenhoven

Die ander motte is dom en dwaas,
maar ék sal ver van die kers af bly.
Hier uit die skemerte sal ek kyk,
want hier is dit veilig en kyk is vry.

Maar ek hoef nie van een kant af net te kyk,
ek vlieg 'n wye sirkel om,
dan weet ek van alkant af hoe hy lyk,
om beter te sorg om nie nader te kom.

My sirkel was skeef en ingebuig,
maar daar ook waar ek die naaste was,
het niks gebeur,
ek maak verniet
my sirkel so groot en so ver van die as.

Die wieletjie draai al vinniger om,
die lig en die gloed word al groter genot.
Die velling word nouer al rondom
die die end van die wiel,
is die as van 'n mot!
The moth in this poem basically thought he won't be so foolish like the other moths. He would stay away from the flame. But, then he narrows his orb and goes faster and faster.....and all that was left...some ashes!

26 Oct 2007


Click on the images for larger views ....
Trip to Edinburgh....The Botanical Gardens...glass houses...with biomes from different parts of the world...on the first two pictures you can clearly see plants from....South Africa!! if you're a South African looking at these pics, you will recognise it immediately...!

Edinburgh is a clean city and easy to get around ......I would love to go and live there!!
On this page you can visit the Edinburgh Botanic Garden and there is a pic of the Palm house

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25 Oct 2007

California Fires

How can people do things like this!! And....do they think they do other people a favour??? I do hope that the culprit will come forward!! How much destruction isn't going on here...due to ONE silly person....!!???
Award up to $150,000 for Santiago arson tip
Lake Forest:
The reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the arsonist who set the Santiago fire near Lake Forest and Irvine is up to $150,000...Read more here ....

With the smoke clearing and President Bush in California to tour fire-ravaged communities, the painful process of counting losses -- including two bodies found in San Diego County -- and moving forward started today across Southern California.The president, stepping off Air Force One tieless and in shirtsleeves, took an aerial tour from Marine Corps Air Station Miramar to a football field at San Pasqual High School in Escondido. The half-hour route took him over Rancho Bernardo, a Marine Corps helicopter pilot said. The tour covered a pastiche of flame-ravaged Southern California, includuing vast blackened hills and a tiled-roof mansion spared on top of a hill.

More reading... here ........


Try to solve this Puzzle...

and...... this one too....

24 Oct 2007


Click on the image for a larger view!
This is a fun website...Toondoo.com.....you can create your own cartoons..like mine! easy to drag pictures....try it out! It is fun...even more for kids!!

Springboks return...movie

22 Oct 2007

Knight swap

G-Knights Exchange
by Serhiy Grabarchuk
Eight chess knights, four white and four black, placed on the special G-chessboard should exchange their position. Counting a consecutive series of leaps of a knight as one move, can you swap the knights in exactly eleven moves?..

Try this knight puzzle...and
the knight exchange here.

20 Oct 2007

Fischer vs Spasski

1972, Reykjavik - Round 6, Reykjavik

SA win the Worldcup!!! 15-6

WELL DONE!!!!!!!!! SOUTH AFRICA!!!! 15-6 !!!!!!!!!!

Sat 20 Oct, 10:34 PM

PARIS (Reuters) - South Africa defeated defending champions England 15-6 on Saturday to claim the World Cup for the second time in a match packed with atmosphere but short of excitement.

Percy Montgomery kicked four penalties and Francois Steyn converted a fifth for the Springboks at the Stade de France. Jonny Wilkinson, England's match-winner in Sydney four years ago, kicked a penalty each side of halftime.

South Africa, who won the Cup at home in 1995 on their return from international sporting isolation, join Australia as the only country to claim the William Webb Ellis trophy twice.

"A massive win for us. All credit to England, a lot of people expected them not to be as competitive as they were tonight," South Africa coach Jake White told ITV.

"It just shows you how tough World Cups are. I always knew we had to play to win it, they were not going to give it to us.

"It's important for our country and I think everyone back home is rejoicing, and all credit to the players, they have been fantastic ambassadors for South African rugby over the last four years.

The boot dominated a game in which England, whose title defence seemed doomed when they were humiliated 36-0 by the Springboks in the pool stage, were attempting to become the first side to successfully defend the trophy.

After South Africa had taken a 9-3 halftime lead on a chilly autumn evening, England centre Mathew Tait threatened to set the game alight two minutes after the break.

Tait scooped up a wayward pass from Andy Gomarsall and set off on a startling solo run past four would-be tackles.

He was dragged down on the line and the ball was quickly recycled left for wing Mark Cueto to drive over in the corner in Fourie du Preez's tackle. After a lengthy deliberation the television match official Stuart Dickinson decided the winger's foot had been in touch before he grounded the ball.
Source: here ...

Sweetest Day...

Today it is Sweetest Day in some parts of America.... So, all you sweet people out there...enjoy! As long as you shout today...."BOKKE".....for the Springboks!!

Sweetest Day is an observance celebrated primarily in the Great Lakes region and parts of the Northeast United States on the third Saturday in October[1]. It is described by Retail Confectioners International, as "much more important for candymakers in some regions than in others (Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo being the biggest Sweetest Day cities)" and an "occasion which offers all of us an opportunity to remember not only the sick, aged and orphaned, but also friends, relatives and associates whose helpfulness and kindness we have enjoyed."[2] Sweetest Day has also been referred to as a "concocted promotion"[3] created by the candy industry solely to increase sales of candy

Hello World! Bye Bye love...hello....

Tonight it will be England's turn to walk away with sadness .....disappointment!! GO BOKKE!!! You can do it, we all know it!! Hope you all are wearing your green and gold today!!!

We used to sing this song during Secondary School when we were in big competition with other schools during the athletic/rugby season....January-May.... Helmut Lotti sings this song on the video!
Ku lezontaba
Stimela si qhamuka e South Africa
Wen u ya baleka
Wen u ya baleka
Ku lezontaba
Stimela si qhamuka South Africa
Work, work, working in the sun
We will work as one
Work, work, working in the rain
Till there's sun again
Push, push pushing on and on
There's much to be done
Push, push, pushing in the sun
We will push as one.

19 Oct 2007

Argentina vs France! 34-10!

Well done!! Argentina....you are my favourite!!!

19 mins: PEN France 3-3 ArgentinaIt is a very short-lived lead for France as they commit exactly the same offence in front of their posts to give Felipe Contepomi a simple three points.
31 mins: TRY & CONVERSION France 3-17 ArgentinaArgentina are suddenly playing like men possessed. They drive through the phases to give Juan Martin Hernadez the chance of a drop-goal but the fly-half's effort hits the post and bounces off.
40 mins +3: YELLOW CARD Deep into first-half injury-time, France go through phase after phase but Argentina defend doggedly, before the next flash-point.
52 mins: TRY France 3-22 ArgentinaAn absolutely superlative score from Argentina - arguably the best score of the tournament so far and worth describing in some detail.
62 mins: YELLOW CARDThat's not a very nice introduction for Seabass as he is laid out by a late shoulder charge from Juan Manuel Leguizamon. The hit knocks him on his backside and the referee decides he has had enough, sending the Pumas flanker to the bin.

68 mins: TRY & CONVERSION France 10-27 ArgentinaAfter going through the phases and powering up the middle with Imanol Harinordoquy and Sebastien Chabal, France finally score through Clement Poitrenaud as his dummy takes him past the last Argentina defender.
77 mins: TRY & CONVERSION France 10-34 ArgentinaForget could - this will be Argentina's most empatic win over France in their history and they deserve every point.
Read more here ....

Chess puzzle

Try solve this puzzle...two rooks

and a queen!

18 Oct 2007

Well done!! SA cricket team!!

LAHORE, Pakistan (AFP) - AB de Villiers and Herschelle Gibbs smashed centuries to help South Africa defeat Pakistan by 45 runs in the first day-night international at the Gaddafi Stadium on Thursday.De Villiers notched a brisk unbeaten 95-ball 103, while Gibbs scored 102 to propel the tourists to 294-5 in 50 overs before paceman Makhaya Ntini restricted Pakistan to 249 in 46.3 overs.South African captain Graeme Smith said: "We controlled the game and it's nice to start the series with a win."
The tourists will take a one-nil lead in the five-match series into the second game here on Saturday.Mohammad Yousuf top-scored for Pakistan with 53 and Shahid Afridi hit a rapid 26-ball 47 with five boundaries and two sixes. But it was not enough after Ntini grabbed 4-69 to derail the run chase.The 30-year-old paceman destroyed the top order in a fiery burst, removing Imran Nazir (16), Younis Khan (12) and Mohammad Hafeez (six) to reduce the home team to 37-3.
Ntini had Nazir caught at short cover in his second over, then forced an edge off Younis in the third before accounting for Hafeez, caught hooking, in his fourth.

Read more here ...

Eng vs SA...keyfacts...can we keep it up?

Kom Bokke! Vul die lysie aan met nog meer!!
Click the image for a larger view.
Source: here ....


In a double blow for the French, English sportsmen have beaten them in the Rugby World Cup semi-final - and the World Conker Championship.
Ady Hurrell, from Whittlesey in Cambs was victorious over Frenchman John Ingram in the final in Northamptonshire. Train driver Mr Hurrell, 36, needed just two shots to smash the nut of his competitor. The annual event attracted over 300 entrants to the village of Ashton, near Oundle. Of those, 13 were listed as French. Contestants travelled to the UK for the 42-year-old event from as far afield as the US, Brazil, Canada and the Ukraine.
Source: here ....

Op hierdie twee foto's van my wat ek in die park hier naby geneem het, kan die saad gesien word waarmee hulle hierdie kompetisies hou. Dit is van die Horse Chestnut tree. Die saad is kliphard. Aan die boom se tak kan jy die groen stekelrige omhulsel sien wat met die tyd verbruin. Klein kindertjies is soms gek oor die sade, alhoewel hulle nie regtig daarmee speel nie. Min Britte weet regtig hoe om die tradisionele spel te speel (of "sport") en dit word selde na die kinders oorgedra.

17 Oct 2007

"Olympic" medals for South African Maths Team

Ok, this article dates back to 2004! But still, that shows you that SA was NEVER that behind with Maths as earlier reports said, I think it was in the middle 90's! I mean, our Maths couldn't pick up THAT fast!!! If you read the report of the 90's, you will see which parts of SA they had taken schools and children to take part!! Obviously you will get a low score then. I mean, take inner-London schools and do the same with "certain" schools in London, the outcome will even be worse! or just as bad.... as that report earlier....well done to this lot....and the link is at the bottom for more following up!
Although the Olympic Games have not yet begun, South Africa is already bringing home Olympic medals from Greece.
In the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), which ended in Athens on July 18, the South African team of six high school students won three silver medals and one bronze medal.
The IMO forms part of the Hellenic Cultural Olympiad, being held in Greece in conjunction with the Olympic games.
A total of 486 high school students from 85 countries took part in the IMO, competing with each other over two days in solving a series of challenging mathematical problems.
South Africa's silver medals were won by:Dirk Basson (grade 12, HS Diamantveld, Kimberley),Jon Smit (grade 12, Grey High School, Bloemfontein) andTamara von Glehn (grade 12, St Stithian's Girls' College, Randburg).Tamara's twin sister Ingrid won a bronze medal.
Gerhard du Toit (grade 12, Paarl Boys' High School) was awarded an Honourable Mention for his perfect solution of one of the problems.
The five award winners were all veterans, of previous Olympiads. The sixth member of the team, Gayle Sher (Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town) was the "new girl" on the team, and did not win a medal, but the points she scored were valuable in securing South Africa's position of 33rd among the 85 competing countries.
Professor Nic Heideman (UCT), the leader of the South African team, said: "This was the best medal tally of any South African team since we first took part in 1992." He also noted that South African's overall performance was better than that of any other African country, and outshone the performance of 80% of the countries of the European Union.
Girls are always under-represented at the IMO. South Africa was one of only two countries with three girls in its team of six. Tamara von Glehn, who turned in the best performance for South Africa, ranked fourth in the world among the female contestants.
The top ten countries in the world ranking were China, the United States, Russia, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Hungary, Japan, Iran and Romania.
At the General Meeting of the IMO, Professor John Webb (UCT) was re-elected Secretary of the IMO Advisory Board for the next four years.
The South African team was chosen after an 18-month programme, the Old Mutual Mathematical Talent Search, run by the South African Mathematical Society. The team's travel to Greece was sponsored by Old Mutual
Next year the IMO will take place in Mexico. A new Talent Search is already under way to identify the most promising young mathematicians to represent South Africa in 2005.
Click here for more...

Adam and Eve

PEN Gholfdag

Die volgende het in my epos beland en ek het dit goed gedink om die inligting hier te blog vir al daardie gholf-liefhebbendes om die aksie te ondersteun!


PEN (Pretoria Evangelisering en Nasorg), is 'n nie-winsgewende organisasie wat hom ten doel stel om die mens van die middestad in sy totaliteit te bedien. Die nood wat daagliks toeneem plaas al meer druk op ons hulpmiddels en fondse by PEN. Op aanvraag van verlede jaar se spelers reël ons dus weer ’n PEN Gholfdag! Kom speel saam en wen een van vele pryse! Op hierdie genotvolle wyse ondersteun u ook ons projekte. Dit is ook ’n heerlike manier vir ’n spanbou met u kollegas.
Datum: 2 November 2007
Plek: Bronkhorstspruit Gholfklub.
Tyd: Afslaan vanaf 10:30, (vanaf die 1ste en 10de putjies)
Spel Formaat: ”Individuele Punte Stableford”
Pryse: Daar is baie pryse en ook ‘n paar spesiale pryse op die volgende gate:Langste dryf : 18de putjie.Naaste aan die pen: 4de, 5de, 11de en 16de putjies

Stel u dalk belang om ’n putjie te borg? Om die alleenborg van ’n putjie te wees beloop die koste R1000.00. Dan mag u firma 4 spelers inskryf en kan u ook ’n advertensie van u firma by die betrokke putjie plaas. Twee firmas kan ook saam ’n putjie borg, die koste sal dan R500.00 per firma wees, 2 spelers kan ingeskryf word van elke firma en elke firma kan ’n advertensie by die betrokke putjie plaas. Indien u nie ’n putjie wil borg nie kan u moontlik ‘n prys, koeldrank of eetgoed borg, ons sal dit baie waardeer. Skakel Dirk Ganz tov die inskrywing en/of bespreking van spelers: 012 347 6732 of epos aan ganz(at)keeper.co.za.

Miss America

Miss America Has a Web Browser

There she is, Miss America...on your computer screen, directing your kids to pre-screened web sites. Lauren Nelson made Internet safety her platform during her quest for the Miss America crown, and now that she has it she has her own web browser that limits kids to pre-screened web sites.The Miss America Kid-Safe Web Browser launched this week. The free software, designed by the Children's Educational Network, permits access to just over 10,000 web sites. But parents can add sites to the approved list, or delete ones they don't want their kids going to.
So why web safety rather than world peace, or any other cause for that matter? When Nelson, now 20, was 13, she and her friends were in a chat room on the Internet, messaging people they didn't know in person. "They asked for personal information and we gave it, not knowing any better," Nelson said. When one man sent an inappropropriate photo of himself to one of the girls, they told their parents what happened. "We had no idea that anything bad would happen," she said.
Nelson is animated on the site and, in her full Miss America regalia, tells kids Internet safety tips, lets them know when they are trying to go to a restricted site, and can be programmed by parents to pass on messages to their kids.
Children's Educational Network has designed similar browsers for organizations, including the Boy Scouts, and DreamWorks (a Shrek browser). It also is behind the
Tuki.com browser for kids. Partnering with Miss America is another way to reach kids, said Greg Writer, CEO of Children's Educational Network and a former investment banker.
Nelson and Writer say the browser is designed for young children as well as kids as old as high schoolers, but it's hard to imagine high school kids using such a limited browser, adding sites to it little by little. But for young kids who are starting out on the web, it is one more tool parents can consider to help them navigiate the Internet safely.

Source: Yahoo ...

16 Oct 2007

Chess puzzle 16th Oct

Click here to try this overworked piece....

Government....wake up!

Nevada court stays execution of murderer at 11th hour
LOS ANGELES (AFP) - The execution of a convicted murderer in Nevada was stayed at the 11th hour on Monday after an appeal by rights groups over the method of lethal injection to be used.
William Castillo had been due to be executed at 8:30 pm (0330 GMT) but was spared following a last-ditch legal bid by the American Civil Liberties Union to the Nevada Supreme Court.
The ACLU petition argued that one of the lethal drugs due to be pumped into Castillo was so potent that it made it impossible to determine if the recipient was in pain when the execution was carried out.
"We're obviously delighted that the court has made the right decision," said ACLU attorney Lee Rowland, who presented oral arguments to the court. "It's not only legally correct, it's also morally correct."
Under the terms of the order, the ACLU must present further arguments to the court within 20 days for a full review of claims made in their petition, Rowland told AFP.
Castillo, 34, was sentenced to death for beating an 86-year-old Las Vegas woman to death with a tire iron during a burglary in 1995. He had not sought to appeal the death sentence.
My question is....what about all the murderers in South Africa!! If he gets the death sentence for doing this.....! and...in South Africa it is part of daily life to get beaten up to death....! So!! can our lovely government take notice please!
Read the rest of the article here ...


Wow! NASA's picture of the day is just amazing!!
Dusty grains - including tiny specks of the minerals found in the gemstones peridot, sapphires and rubies - can be seen blowing in the winds of a quasar, or active black hole, in this artist's concept. Astronomers using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope found evidence that such quasar winds might have forged these dusty particles in the very early universe. Dust is crucial for efficient star formation as it allows the giant clouds where stars are born to cool quickly and collapse into new stars. Dust has been seen as far back as when the universe was less than a tenth of its current age, but how did it get there?

Read MORE here.

15 Oct 2007

The UHT route to long-life planet

It’s enough to put the nation off breakfast. Civil servants have suggested that Britons put long-life milk in tea and pour it on their cornflakes to save the planet from global warming.
Officials at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have made a serious proposal that consumers switch to UHT (Ultra-High Temperature or Ultra-Heat Treated) milk to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
It is part of a government strategy to ensure that some 90 per cent of milk on sale will not require refrigeration by 2020. That most shoppers would not even know where to find UHT milk in shops (the cartons are discreetly placed near baking ingredients) does not seem to have deterred government strategists. The move would mean a big shift from fresh-milk consumption to long life. In Britain 93 per cent of milk sold is fresh. UHT, powdered milk and baby milk make up the rest of the market.
The plan is set out in a government paper, seen by The Times, that was sent out last month to farmers’ leaders and the dairy industry. The “milk road map” is intended to help a dairy industry committee set up to work out the carbon footprint for milk and dairy products and to identify ways of reducing that footprint.
Read more HERE ...Timesonline...

Climate is changing!

Why is the climate changing? The 1990s were the warmest decade in the warmest century of the last millennium. Most experts agree that it’s getting hotter due to people burning fossil fuels like oil, coal and gas that emit heat-trapping, greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
Everyone needs to work together to prevent climate change in the near future. Scientists estimate that we need to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 60% to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. And limit temperature rises to not more than 2°C as everyone would find any more than this difficult to cope with.
If temperatures rise by more then three degrees some scientists think that large-scale, irreversible destruction like the Antarctic ice sheets melting, or the Gulf Stream ‘turning off’ could happen. The Gulf Stream is an ocean current that transports heat across the Atlantic to provide the UK with a warmer climate, year-round. If the Gulf Stream changed the UK might have a climate more like that of other places at the same latitude, for example, eastern Canada, which has much colder winters.

Watch this Flash movie.
and read more HERE about climate change.