25 Dec 2013

Chess picture of the Day

Merry Christmas - with the art of Justin Jenkins.
I've started a game in the past few days and these are the current moves and in the above image, you can see the current position with me playing white. 1.e4 e5 2.d3 h6 3.Be2 Qf6 4.Bf3 Bb4+ 5.Bd2 Bxd2+ 6.Qxd2 Qb6 7.c3 d6 8.Ne2 Nf6 9.O-O c6 10.Na3 Qd8 11.b4 Bg4 12.Bxg4 Nxg4 13.h3 Nf6 14.Ng3 b5 15.Nc2 Nbd7 16.a4 a6 17.a5 O-O 18.Ne1 Re8 19.Nf5 Nh5 20.Nxd6 Qc7 21.Nf5 Nf4 22.Ra2 Nf8 23.Qe3 N8g6 24.Nf3 Qd7 25.Rd2 Ne7 26.Nxe5 Qc7 27.Nf3 Nxf5 28.Qe1 Ne7 29.Qd1 Nfg6 30.Re1 c5 31.d4 cxb4 32.cxb4 Qc3 33.Qb1 Nc6 34.Rc2 - and not finished as yet.

4 Aug 2013

Chaos - in front of the door of the British

I blame the UK government for the chaos in Zimbabwe. We all know what happened in the 1980's and Ian Smith. If you don't know the 'whole story', please make an effort and read. Zimbabweans are suffering, we know the 'rest'. Who is to blame, yes, Mugabe of course as well! But... who is first in the line to blame? I rest my case. [click the image for a larger view, or see the link]

17 May 2013

Theme song - Beautiful!

Take a Dutchman, the kind of Dutchman that fought against all the might of Spain, intermix him with the inflexible French high notes. Take him through 8 generations of war, put him in a country suitable for  huntsman, marksman and Ryder  Put a finer temper in him, threw the Bible, and you get the Afrikaner Boer [not pronounced boar!] A nation so strong that it took the British Empire 191 000 000 pounds, 3 years and 480 000 soldiers to conquer the 2 poorest smallest states in the world.

31 Mar 2013

The Candidates - London Chess 2013

Photo: Round 12
FIDE Candidates Tournament
Round 1 on 2013/03/15 at 14.00
1GMAronian Levon2809½ - ½GMCarlsen Magnus28728
2GMGelfand Boris2740½ - ½GMRadjabov Teimour27937
3GMIvanchuk Vassily2757½ - ½GMGrischuk Alexander27646
4GMSvidler Peter2747½ - ½GMKramnik Vladimir28105
Round 2 on 2013/03/16 at 14.00
8GMCarlsen Magnus2872½ - ½GMKramnik Vladimir28105
6GMGrischuk Alexander2764½ - ½GMSvidler Peter27474
7GMRadjabov Teimour27931 - 0GMIvanchuk Vassily27573
1GMAronian Levon28091 - 0GMGelfand Boris27402
Round 3 on 2013/03/17 at 14.00
2GMGelfand Boris27400 - 1GMCarlsen Magnus28728
3GMIvanchuk Vassily27570 - 1GMAronian Levon28091
4GMSvidler Peter27471 - 0GMRadjabov Teimour27937
5GMKramnik Vladimir2810½ - ½GMGrischuk Alexander27646
Round 4 on 2013/03/19 at 14.00
8GMCarlsen Magnus28721 - 0GMGrischuk Alexander27646
7GMRadjabov Teimour2793½ - ½GMKramnik Vladimir28105
1GMAronian Levon2809½ - ½GMSvidler Peter27474
2GMGelfand Boris2740½ - ½GMIvanchuk Vassily27573
Round 5 on 2013/03/20 at 14.00
3GMIvanchuk Vassily2757½ - ½GMCarlsen Magnus28728
4GMSvidler Peter2747½ - ½GMGelfand Boris27402
5GMKramnik Vladimir2810½ - ½GMAronian Levon28091
6GMGrischuk Alexander2764½ - ½GMRadjabov Teimour27937
Round 6 on 2013/03/21 at 14.00
4GMSvidler Peter27470 - 1GMCarlsen Magnus28728
5GMKramnik Vladimir2810½ - ½GMIvanchuk Vassily27573
6GMGrischuk Alexander2764½ - ½GMGelfand Boris27402
7GMRadjabov Teimour27930 - 1GMAronian Levon28091
Round 7 on 2013/03/23 at 14.00
8GMCarlsen Magnus2872½ - ½GMRadjabov Teimour27937
1GMAronian Levon2809½ - ½GMGrischuk Alexander27646
2GMGelfand Boris2740½ - ½GMKramnik Vladimir28105
3GMIvanchuk Vassily2757½ - ½GMSvidler Peter27474
Round 8 on 2013/03/24 at 14.00
8GMCarlsen Magnus2872½ - ½GMAronian Levon28091
7GMRadjabov Teimour27930 - 1GMGelfand Boris27402
6GMGrischuk Alexander27641 - 0GMIvanchuk Vassily27573
5GMKramnik Vladimir28101 - 0GMSvidler Peter27474
Round 9 on 2013/03/25 at 14.00
5GMKramnik Vladimir2810½ - ½GMCarlsen Magnus28728
4GMSvidler Peter2747½ - ½GMGrischuk Alexander27646
3GMIvanchuk Vassily27571 - 0GMRadjabov Teimour27937
2GMGelfand Boris27401 - 0GMAronian Levon28091
Round 10 on 2013/03/27 at 14.00
8GMCarlsen Magnus28721 - 0GMGelfand Boris27402
1GMAronian Levon28091 - 0GMIvanchuk Vassily27573
7GMRadjabov Teimour2793½ - ½GMSvidler Peter27474
6GMGrischuk Alexander27640 - 1GMKramnik Vladimir28105

Round 11 on 2013/03/28 at 14.00
6GMGrischuk Alexander2764½ - ½GMCarlsen Magnus28728
5GMKramnik Vladimir28101 - 0GMRadjabov Teimour27937
4GMSvidler Peter27471 - 0GMAronian Levon28091
3GMIvanchuk Vassily2757½ - ½GMGelfand Boris27402
Round 12 on 2013/03/29 at 14.00
8GMCarlsen Magnus28720 - 1GMIvanchuk Vassily27573
2GMGelfand Boris2740½ - ½GMSvidler Peter27474
1GMAronian Levon28090 - 1GMKramnik Vladimir28105
7GMRadjabov Teimour2793½ - ½GMGrischuk Alexander27646
Round 13 on 2013/03/31 at 14.00
7GMRadjabov Teimour27930 - 1GMCarlsen Magnus28728
6GMGrischuk Alexander2764½ - ½GMAronian Levon28091
5GMKramnik Vladimir2810½ - ½GMGelfand Boris27402
4GMSvidler Peter27471 - 0GMIvanchuk Vassily27573
Round 14 on 2013/04/01 at 14.00

8GMCarlsen Magnus28720 - 1GMSvidler Peter27474
3GMIvanchuk Vassily27571 - 0GMKramnik Vladimir28105
2GMGelfand Boris2740½ - ½GMGrischuk Alexander27646
1GMAronian Levon28721 - 0GMRadjabov Teimour27937