27 Apr 2008

Chess Masters play football!

Chess players in Baku...- where the Grand Prix of chess is taking place..- had a free day yesterday and on this video - from the Fide.com-site - you can see how they spent their free time...enjoy! On THIS LINK you can read more about round 6 that was played today.

23 Apr 2008

Baku Chess

The Grand Prix Chess Tournament is currently taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan. On this video you can follow events of round 2. On my Wordpress-blog you will find a link on the side bar to follow the games LIVE.
Please click on THIS LINK to read more about the results of round 3 and pairings for round 4 and 5.

22 Apr 2008


Follow THIS LINK to see who she is...and to play through some of her games.

Chess Grand Prix 2008

Follow THIS LINK for results and pairings in this grand prix tournament in Baku. Read HERE more about Baku in Azerbaijani.

21 Apr 2008

Centurion Chess

Centurion Open Chess Tournament
30 April, 1 – 4 May 2008

Fide rated

Don't miss out on this tournament!! All details on the link given here. This tournament will be held at Kleinkaap in Centurion, South Africa...(image)...

Please click
HERE for more details!

16 Apr 2008

Chess puzzle

Can you solve this puzzle? Checkmate in about 4 moves. White to move first.

Please click
HERE for the solution.

13 Apr 2008

London Marathon...Comrades Marathon

Today is the London Marathon! On the 15th June 2008, it's the Comrades Marathon in South Africa! This marathon is a prestigious ultra marathon...92 km....and every year zillions of marathon athletes across the globe try to finish this tough marathon! On this link you can read about the history behind the Comrades Marathon...there's also a link to the official site...and...if you want to take part...hehehe...good luck!!! too much pain...that's not for me... there's also a link to the official site of the London Marathon.

Click HERE to read about the Comrades Marathon.

11 Apr 2008

Boys/Girls...and Chess

What do you think about female/male chess players...who's the best...or do you think chess is only a game for boys...read an interesting research/study that was conducted...
Click HERE to read on my Wordpress-blog the article. You can also on this link see who the artist is of this beautiful piece of art! There is also a game I played on a chess site to play through. Enjoy!

8 Apr 2008


If you want to know what "biltong" is...click HERE to find a link that tells you how to make it! and everything about it...Americans call it jerky... it is soooooooooooooooo yummy!

Chess game 22

Follow THIS LINK to see more games I played recently....on two chess sites. The moves are also available.


Click HERE to visit beautiful places in South Africa...the North Western part of the country which is a bit barren...close to the border of Namibia...but with beautiful spots...like the Augrabies-Waterfall...places like Springbok, Pofadder...etc...and also Namaqualand...very famous for the Namaqualand Daisy...tourists love to visit this area during Spring...follow the link to see and read more!


See more snow pics.. HERE and HERE ....