5 May 2008

Baku Chess round 12

On this image you can see the final position between Kamsky and Svidler.
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HERE to see more images and results of round 12 played yesterday. Today players play the final round in Baku, Azerbaijan. You can also follow the results of round 13 on this link.

Pairings for round 13....
Round 13 on 05/05/08 at 14:00
Karjakin Sergey - Kamsky Gata
Navara David - Cheparinov Ivan
Grischuk Alexander - Radjabov Teimour
Adams Michael - Gashimov Vugar
Bacrot Etienne - Carlsen Magnus
Yue Wang - Mamedyarov Shakhriyar
Svidler Peter - Inarkiev Ernesto


  1. Hi Nikita,
    really interesting games! I'm glad to find a chess enthusiast liek you :p

  2. Hi Meghna...i'm glad you enjoy it as much as i do! ;)