6 Oct 2008


Yes, You've read my title...I'm fed up! And maybe, if you look at these images, you can take a guess!
I'm fed up with the following on the London Underground:
---people having their music SO loud that they don't care a damn for anyone around them!! And this is everyday!! I haven't travelled one single day without having someone about 30-60 cm away from me with their music loud! So loud, that people about 2 m away look around to see who's music is so loud!! If different people near you give you "the look" (open your eyes if your ears are blocked!!) know!! they are looking at you because of your LOUD music!!! Next time if you get something against your head, know that might be me...waking you up!!
---people...mostly secondary age school children..."shouting" at one another, whilst sitting opposite one another!! I won't tell you what we call people like that in South Africa!! You definitely don't want to know!
---people...adults and secondary age school children...mostly girls/ladies, but sometimes men too...talking on their mobiles as if they are the only person in the carriage...for miles without end!... having a conversation as if it's the last conversation on earth and also in such a loud voice that you can't think in your head!!
Please, read the posters!! You can even click on this image to be able to read what it says, print it off for you, have it in your room to remind you about it!! Think for yourself!! Stop being a selfish traveller and think about the other people around you!! I'm fed up with people like you, not knowing how to behave in public!!
People that read my blog quite often, you might be "shocked" with this entry, my very "aggressive" entry!! This is really how I feel after travelling the past month to Uxbridge and it really is something that happens everyday on every train...I change at Acton town, sometimes at Rayners Lane again, depending on the train I got on at Acton town and I can't think of one peaceful and "quiet" day so far. It's really not very pleasant having all these people around you whilst travelling. Is it necessary to shout?? NO! You keep your voice down when having conversations with other people, but unfortunately....(((big sigh))


  1. You know i sympathize absolutely !! on this topic!!!! you dont need this stress...to start your day.... ill ring you on your mobile and you can speak very LOUDLY !! in Afrikaans!!! and they wont know what your saying !!! .....and i wont either !!! : ))

  2. LOL!! thank you, Tony!