16 Aug 2009

South Africa

Friday, 14th August was Afrikaans Language day - well in the "old days" - in South Africa. On this link - which will open in a new window - you can read a few interesting facts about South Africa. Afrikaans is also the youngest official language. Here is just a few interesting facts.....We have the greenest canyon in the world- which is also the 3rd largest in the world, we have the highest waterfall in Africa and the 2nd highest in the world, the 3rd longest Tufa waterfall , the deepest mines, the largest zoo, the smallest butterfly, the largest diamond, the second largest amount of windmills on farms (280 000), the largest impact crater on earth, white lions... read more on the link too and you will also find on this link another link to an entry on my blog about the Afrikaans Language Museum. If you don't know what a Tufa Waterfall is, you will also find a link to read what it is and also, a few Afrikaans songs. Enjoy!

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