10 Nov 2007

Chess positions

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I'm always playing this player for the fun and experience. He's a very good player, as you can see from his rating!! What a devastating end there! We also like to play the Fischer random-games, that's where the chess pieces in the back row are ordered differently...a few days ago, I beat him in one of the Fischer-random-games, but in those games, you have to keep your head together, as the pieces are not on their exact squares, you are not used to move in certain ways with your pieces, so it is easy to have a blunder! It was just my luck! :)
This player and I are always playing friendlies too, as we like to play one another, almost a year or more now. This was really a good checkmate positon...earlier in this game he had the upperhand and I was perhaps lucky to turn it around.
In this game...where I played black, I have thought it was an interesting position I had this player in!
In the last picture, this was really a tough game...this player beat me at the end..just look at the weaving that was going on here!
First of all, I do apologise for not blogging a few days, due to two people! One is Kop-op-my-blog...-link at the bottom of the page...a very friendly South African and he is busy helping me to move my blog to Word Press, but in the same time, to be able to use the iframe to export some of my chess games, which is not possible in WP! - so thank you to Chris for your hard work!! The other person is somebody on the chess site, his nickname is Mortimor and he is also such a helpful guy and he is busy setting up a site where other members of the site too can blog the same time, of course his site is a chess site, we will see how things go there! These chess positions I've posted here, are all games I played on one chess site. Interesting positions, some of them very devastating positions, like the first one! I 've taken out the nicknames of the players although they all have said it's ok with them to post it here. You can see our ratings...mine of course always in the 1200's, sometimes a bit below and sometimes a bit higher, at the moment, it is about 1350...so it is like a yo-yo!! The one day up, the other down... This is, of course, any players nightmare...I played white in this game and my opponent's rating was a bit lower than mine. In chess you have to "read" the game, to be able to see a mate coming like this one! I try to "read" the game 3 moves ahead, it is difficult for beginners really new to the game, but when playing the game more and more, you get used to it. I think those very good players can read the whole game ahead!!! :))

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