6 Mar 2010

Chess game 26

In this game I played black against arturo1113 on the chess site where the game was played.
This was really a tough game....one of those challenging games. If you play through the game you will see why. Luckily...as always... I had a Knight-to-the-rescue. I will even sacrifice a Rook just to have my Knight! Exactly like in real life... that's why Knights are there! hehehe... look at move 80! Fork! and from there one...it was really easy. If you play through the game, you will see why my opponent named this game after this nursery rhyme - ring-a-ring-a-rosie... See if you can work out why I couldn't really move away from that advanced Pawn of my opponent...He resigned this game at the end. Enjoy playing through the game.

Image: Wikipedia

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