26 Mar 2010

Thank you to the people of Netherland!

In South Africa farmers get killed on a daily basis! The world is turning a blind eye as to what is going on in South Africa. Luckily, ONE country is NOT turning a blind eye. Holland! Thank you to Holland, our "mother country" for supporting the white farmers of South Africa by doing something about it! This image-screenshot is from the website here. Please click HERE to see the original page. If you don't understand Dutch, you can use google-translator. These news headlines in blue are ALL about the killings. [look at the dates too] South Africa is on the slippery road due to our government. This is SAD, but true. We've thought that our country would become [under the new government] a fantastic place to live, but unfortunately, it's not the case after how many years since 1994. These killers feel nothing for children, elderly people and even women. If you're one of those turning a blind eye to everything, then you can do at least something and that is to pray that all people are save tonight when YOU go to bed.

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