15 May 2010

Schools - teaching and learning

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I think I can write a book by now about the Educational system in the UK, after being a teacher in Primary and Secondary schools for a couple of years. To Secondary School teachers, I want to say...you have my sympathy. In this image-screenshot from the above link, I want to reply to Beverly in the comments box. Dear Beverly, [and all the other Beverlys in British schools]Teachers are actually willing to make it more interesting, but if I listen to the Science teachers at my school - and to my husband and his comments from colleagues at his previous school - then I want to say the following: The problem lies with you and your buddies - students in schools where they say it is "boring". My colleagues prepare time and time again these wonderful Science lessons and have great ideas and want to carry out all sorts of wonderful experiments..but time and time again, they reject their ideas/plans to have these wonderful expriments...due to students' behaviour. If students behave like a normal student should- and that is to be in your seat, all the time during your lesson, being sensible and quiet all the time allowing your teacher to teach, you will have fantastic, inspiring teachers/lessons etc. Try it and see for yourself. You will have plenty of fun, learn a lot, have a good education, leave school with A's and A*'s and it won't be necessary for you to leave school at 16/17, going to get a baby in order to get handouts from the Government and sponge on the taxpayers of this country. - it's all about using your logical mind and common sense, isn't it?
If you mention the word "control", then you are basically insulting yourself. You want to compare yourself and other students to animals. In the human world, humans are not in control of other humans. We control animals or joysticks when we play games etc. So, by using the word control, don't you think you think of yourself like an animal that needs to be controlled? I, as a teacher, prefer not to use the word when it comes to teachers-students, as I don't see any student as an animal and I don't want to control students. I want to teach them. - I leave you with that thought to ponder about.

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