6 Feb 2010

Night at the concert

Enjoy some good music from James Last while playing through the game! This piece of music is called: Elizabeth Serenade. Image: sybervision.com

This chess game was played on the site of Chess.com and my first tournament to play. I don't have that much time to play tourneys, but have entered one now and finished the game last night. I was very lucky in this game. I played white. At one point I said to my fellow South African, also my opponent - after his comments of good play from my side - that I was going to resign as he was in a winning position. Earlier in the game I actually typed a message to ask for a draw as the game was even - play through it and you will see why I say this. I then thought it was a bit cheeky of me to ask for a draw and removed my message. At the point I was about to resign, I was actually waiting for my one pawn to run off, if the right move was made from my opponent's side and he did it! Like Philidor says...the Pawn is the soul of chess! This was pure luck! We have another game going, but my brain is now racked and needs a rest..[hehe] In the image you can see the end position when my opponent resigned.

In this next game I played black and a chess-friend has asked me to blog the game here as it was actually on my Wordpress-blog, but he couldn't play through the game. So, Dan, here goes...enjoy! I have also thought at one point this game was a lost for me, then I noticed my Queen-move and the pin with my Bishop helped too. I was earlier in this game counting my last days on this chessboard and I think I can count myself lucky in this game too.


  1. Thanks for posting these games. I'll look at them in more detail later tonight, but on first glance they look very impressive. Congratulations.