28 Jun 2007

7de Laan........7th Avenue

I can't wait to be back in SA for the 3 weeks holiday, to catch-up on 7de Laan, (my favourite) a first bilingual TV series, which everybody in the country enjoys... and it really beats most TV programmes I've seen in the UK...sorry for the English, not meaning to be mean now...LOL! If you're busy watching it and someone rings you, then you know that person IS NOT watching 7de Laan and then....you're a bit upset....because everyone else is then busy watching it! :)....so.....who are you then, to ring other people busy watching it!
History of 7de Laan: http://www.7delaan.co.za/history.asp

English links are at the bottom of the site of 7de Laan.



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