26 Jun 2007


Today was quite relaxing, after yesterday at home with PPA. PPA is the 10% of "free" time British teachers get per week to do all kinds of admin/marking/planning...things you usually just don't have time to do during other times. Sadly, most of our PPA-time gets used for "training", which is most of the time a waste of our really good time to do what we really need to do. In some schools, like mine, you get it every second week, then it's a whole day and yesterday was the second day this whole year, for me to work from home! Unbelievable...but true....

Today I was half day in class, for teaching, the other half - after lunch - I was meant to be doing Child Conferencing...that's when we have individual sessions with each child in our class to have a general chat about levels, problems, etc. That's very useful, because children really listen to advice and they are taking any advice on board to improve their levels.

Tomorrow....another half day of teaching....Gospel singing in the morning, first hour...the Gospel project. People from outside the school come into school and work with the children. Eventually they will take part in a singing Festival. And....the afternoon again an hour practise with the choir teacher for another singing project coming up! Geee....I'm only doing ONE hour of teaching, because my Y6 children will be working on their animation project the afternoon, only 7 of them, because the other 6 join my Y5's in the choir practise!

Thursday: Whole day out of school, due to the Y5-taster trip. We're going to travel to Kent, about 1 hour's travel. Just to give them an insight in what the Y6-trip will be like, to inspire more of them to go on the Y6-trip next year.....

My Y6-children are really taking the animation-project very seriously. They are now at the stage where they make everything, characters and background scenes. Next step: to take photos and to do the voice over.

The Y1's really looked great this afternoon when I "inspected" their South African dance, which I taught them on Friday for their Class Assembly this coming Friday. They were so even and so excited to show me after yesterday's practise. And they all practised to say their names in different languages too....I thought that was really something great for them, I don't know if I would be able to say my name in some of those languages!

And...in the meantime...everybody is stressed out because of lesson observations!!

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