24 Jun 2007

Magwa Falls

I've just come across this website and is so excited! This is basically the route I did with "Uncle Mauritz"...read my post called "Mkambati Nature Reserve"...and you will see it is this route! If you love hiking, THIS is what you should do! Go THERE and just DO it!
Those pictures on the site...is what I saw too...fantastic views....places...unbelievable scenes....
This route is the route we basically followed up to the Reserve....


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  1. I've been to Niagara Falls a few times. Not quite the same thing, as it's surrounded by two cities, both named after the falls, one on the American side and one on the Canadian side. The Canadian falls are the most spectacular of the two, and you can take a boat right up to it! Lots of tacky gift and amusement spots on land, and now a casino as well. Hardly a romp through nature, even though one is observing one of nature's most spectacular sights.