19 Jun 2007

De la Rey

De la Rey song (in English)

On a mountain in the night

We lie in the dark and wait

In the mud and the blood

As rain and grain bag cling to me

And my house and my farm were

Burnt to the ground so they could capture us

But those flames and those fires now

Burn deep, deep within me.


De la Rey, De la Rey can you come and lead the Boers?

De la Rey, De la Rey

General, General

we will fall around you as one

General De la Rey.

The Khakis that laugh

A handful of us against a massive force

With our backs to the cliffs of the mountains

They think it's over for us

But the heart of a farmer is deeper

And wider, they will come to see

On a horse he comes, the Lion of West Transvaal.

Because my wife and my child are in a camp dying,

And the Khakis are walking over a nation that will rise again.






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