12 Jun 2007


School was good today.....children watched 2 movie clips...from Charlie and the chocolate factory and Treasure Island...tomorrow from Christmas Carol. We're going to compare elements and then they're going to use "The Piano" - you can find it here: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/52576/the_piano/ --to write their own version....

OK...as I promised on the chess site...

This is just to say
thank youfor all your comments
which i do appreciate
and the time you take
to comment
Thought you would like to know
that i don't take it for granted
but do welcome it
and from other people
as it will tell me if
they do enjoy the photos
and the links
that will hopefully enrich them
and broaden their views!


  1. The eight , children eager to learn chess !! was there anyone there to help ?? Lol