11 Oct 2007

Ohio Principal was warned about gunman

I'm just wondering what role drugs play in these shootings at schools. The fact that he wasn't supposed to be in school is one reason, but if a person isn't taking any drugs, things like this shouldn't happen, unless... something terribly went wrong with his upbringing and his environment ...and students he mingled with. I believe drugs must play a role in these shootings...I might be wrong...but that is my view! It is not normal for students to go about shooting teachers and other students! And...what is the Government in the USA make out of this! How is it possible that so many people are allowed to have guns! Chess players I'm playing from Cleveland/Ohio say that more and more people get guns to protect themselves...what is going on with society today! Are we living in a mad-mad world! Schools should be safe places!!

Ohio principal was warned about gunman, students say

CLEVELAND - A high school student said today that he and classmates had warned their principal about threats by a classmate who shot and wounded four people before killing himself, and believed the attack could have been prevented.The student, Rasheem Smith, said on CBS' "Early Show" that despite their warnings about the student who opened fire Wednesday, Asa H. Coon, principal Johneita Durant told them she was too busy."I told my friends in the class that he had a gun and stuff," said Smith, 15. "He was talking about doing it last week. I don't know why they didn't say nothing.
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