7 Jul 2007


I do hope for more peace in the world!

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  1. thinkmanifest7.7.07

    Hey folks! Just a bit of research went into the whole 07-07-07 thing
    that just happened, alot of people think something "exciting" will happen
    on this day....well...I came across some "exciting" information myself
    about this day 07-07-07.

    "Many Chinese consider 7 a very unlucky number associated with

    So there u have it, if you dont trust me look it up in the chineese
    astrology, will it be a day of excitement or will it be a day of greif,
    or will it just be like any other freakin day!!!!
    If I was a betting man, I would go with the any other day choice. I
    like to make my own luck!

    yours truly!!