10 Jul 2007

SATS Results

We got our SATS results! Well, must say we are very proud and the Headteacher is over the moon. Our children did great and we feel good!

My class did some "recycling" all morning.....we used plastic bags to make pom poms to go on to a sculpture for the Thames Festival in middle September. That was fun. Tomorrow we have again our BRASS project in the afternoon. David is coming in to support the groups in their presentation which they have to prepare for Brad...the Director of the HMS Belfast...for Thursday! And Thursday Brad will be handing them their certificates too.

In the meantime, we try to get our heads around the leavers' evening. Practise time is so little. Y6 children are going to pretend that they are in a care centre and they are going to use their memories from "primary" to act out bits. Y5's are going to pretend that they are visiting the care centre and they will be singing songs to the "people" (Y6) in the care centre. We are using this book (see picture) as an idea for our "play"....

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