18 Jul 2007


DONE! Our presentation was a HUGE success! David said that we were the BEST that he has ever had.(in the 4 years the project is running....) Even comparing to what the Secondary Schools always present, we still were the best so far and said we set a very high standard. The children were brilliant...I will post their rap and 2 songs here....done all by themselves....I think it was really creative of them to do it all without help, only help was a change here or there...just the "finishing touches..." I'm just glad it is done and we can now get on with the last two days being in class to tidy up and sort out all stuff to go home! Tonight, one last event.......the Leavers Evening.... starting at 6:30. At the moment, they are all having some sandwiches with the Teacher Assistants and we're having a break.... at least we get SOME break....geeee....we need more than that! Pictured Alan today during lunch time having a nap in the Assistant Head's office! He doesn't know it yet...will print off his picture tonight. He'll be mad at me...hahaha....surprise....
I also took some pics today...will post a few good ones here too...so...keep your eye on here...!

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