10 Jul 2007

Jock of the Bushveld and Table Mountain burning


The statue in the next pic is about Jock of the Bushveld...read more about him...the dog...if you click on the link. He was a very brave dog.
Please click HERE to read more about Jock....

The mountain that's burning...is Table Mountain!
And then....(Earl take note!)...if I ever visit America....I really can't go without my Cadbury's flake! So, co'mon America,.....get some flake in your country!


  1. I'll look for "flake" the next time I go to our local import store.

    When you were talking about the statue of the dog, I thought it related to the top picture, so I thought "that dog looks just like the statue of Christ at Rio de Janeiro."

  2. Anonymous19.6.08

    I'm interested in statues of dogs; I see a picture of a statue of Jock here, and I would like to know where it is located; I know about other 2 other ones: in Johannesburg and Barberton...

    Thank you


  3. Hi Gi...this one should be near Baberton...if you follow the link that I've added (it was there...gone, but it's back now again)..you will see that it's in the Eastern Part of the country and it should be the one near Baberton... I haven't seen this one in particular myself...Only found it on the site where it is...

  4. Anonymous22.6.08


    YES! Soon after I posted my question, I found it... (I'm that good at researching! :) :):)

    It's in the Kruger National Park, at the Jock Safari Lodge (built by the Niven family; Cecily Niven was Sir Fitzpatrick's daughter).

    I'm from Brazil, I have been to Rio de Janeiro already (once, just for a little while), and I saw the statue of Christ just from far away...

    Just got the Jock of the Bushveld book, here in Brazil (cheaper than on Amazon...). I'm looking forward to reading it.



  5. Hi Gisele!
    Well, i can say that I know that you will thoroughly enjoy the book!! Great to hear that people from other countries read the book too as it is a fantastic story! Enjoy!!

  6. Anonymous21.7.08

    Enjoying it already... the fight with the table leg... just hilarious! And the big tamed ox...

  7. Hi Gisele...glad you enjoy it! ;)