8 Jul 2007

Athletics in SA schools

Athletics always takes place in the first term of the new school year...which is January-March. In Primary as well as Secondary schools, all children take part...even if they are not an athlete. We have teams and children who are less athletic, got to put in e.g. team C or D....as long as they get the opportunity to take part. And....they love it. I really do miss athletics in the UK schools. Schools here have ONE day --- some of them--- which they call a "sports" day...but...I won't comment at all what's happening on that day... I won't call it a sports day to start with.... Sorry if anyone feels offended, but this is the truth....a sports day is not something you organise in a few minutes.... and I think "health and safety" is really a BIG pain in this country. Children miss out on so much fun in schools because of that. Not that we are not taking children's health and safety into account in our schools in South Africa.
This video has brought back some really GOOD memories about our schools and when watching it...I really had to force myself not to start crying!!

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