17 Jul 2007

Still Red

We had our PPA this afternoon back...but...we had a "visitor" in, so there was no point in having the PPA if we had to sit with her, having discussions! That's what I mean, you are meant to have PPA for all sorts of stuff, to get marking/assessment/admin done, but you never get to do it, because there is always someone that needs to come in and waste your good time! :(

Anyway, I'm still in the red...i think i'm stuck in red, because i get driven up the wall with last-minute-stuff! Meanwhile, we have to practise for our presentation tomorrow as well as the Leavers Evening..presentation! Totally madness! I'm at school till about 7:45 ish...will be knackered tomorrow night!

At least i have one picture for our ladies to appreciate, (and the car for the men....haha)...for a change...I think i'm going to colour my hair...red! have a look at that hair...think it is just the colour! wow!

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