16 Jul 2007

Stressed out!

I think we are all a bit stressed out at school! hahaha...it is a typical sign of end-of-year...so much going on...actually ...too much...i think i'm getting fed-up, because i can't do in my class what i really want to do...and that is to have a bit of FUN!
Our PPA for the afternoon was cancelled...and i couldn't have the fun in the afternoon which i planned, because the leavers' practise took place later...so we were kind of waiting to be called....and nobody called at the time they were supposed to call us....only much later...what a waste...but...we didn't mind really, because we finished off our memory booklets.
Tomorrow another busy day, we have to practise our presentation for Wednesday in the Tower! And i plan an ICT project, to use PAINT.NET and to create our own pictures in the style of Hockney.... today's Seurat was a total lost with the "waiting.." What a shame, so much good time going lost... but anyway...there is always something else that needs to be done...and i think i'm still in a red mood!

This is a view in the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa! Beautiful!!

And...I'm in a purple mood too! That is close enough to red...lol!
This is a street in Pretoria! In Spring,,,,,,October, the city is covered in Jacaranda blossoms.....that is the time when students write exams...and fall in love!
Pretoria is also called the "Jacaranda city"... because of all the Jacaranda trees in the streets...really a beautiful scene during October/November.
And I have now a new mouse, it seems to me that the other one was the cause of all my problems on the chess site!

Hmmm...i like these purple colours...my favourite colour!

And Red,...another favourite colour...


  1. You look gorgeous , in that red top i bought you !!! he he !!

  2. From the ONE picture of you that you've allowed me to see, so far as I can tell, yes, you are pretty.