4 Jul 2007

Wednesday's Mood

I'm at home and not feeling very well, cold/flue....not really nice this time of the year! Children at school went on a trip today to see a poet in action and I'm missing out! I really try to get myself in a better mood too, apart from the cold/flu. News from back home about the gunmen: The Police caught 9 of them, of the 9 men, 2 were part of the gang that almost killed family and their friends back hom the weekend. The LEADER is still at large. Hope he get killed somewhere! I don't care, for people who feel nothing for other people's lives!! Hubby says I should pray for them...ha! Then I'm not a very devouted Christian if you want to call me that...call me a "less-devouted-Christian"... at this stage I still feel very upset and wish all innocent people in South African could have their OWN country where they can live in peace and harmony....like about 15 and more years ago! I really miss my country and wish I can have the "OLD South Africa" back, because the NEW SOUTH AFRICA is just NOT what it was!

I tried to find yellow pictures to cheer myself up! Yellow is one of my favourite colours, as the colour I'm now typing in, my actual colour--purple-pinkish...like my bike. Why is it so odd for some men that women can ride a bike. I used to ride bike as a child, my dad bought us some bikes at the age of about 7 and that was always great fun with friends on the farm, going on all the small footpaths along the mountains with our bikes to see if we could find the wild horses!

This is a favourite colour too.... at one stage I had almost just RED clothes in my wardrobe than any other colour, just for the simple reason that what I liked, was only available in red! haha...

Now, If you want to see my eyes turn yellow/green, then this green is the colour to wear! And when I'm in a naughty mood, then I wear orange...but....I don't think I have anything in orange!! LOL! I should really get some, I do think I have one garment in orange though....

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