28 Aug 2007

Holiday in South Africa

We were really lucky...we didn't book at all anywhere and came across a very friendly Andre and his partner and they offered us this lodge, in a resort next to the Swadini Forever Resort. It was a fantastic 3 nights we've ever had in SA....
On this picture, you can see Naala, he is a tame Rooibok/Impala. His horns are removed, because he hurt people...he likes women!! You don't have to run for your life....hahaha...but he is very fond of women in particular.

And on the next picture you can see my beloved car!!! It stays with my sister and I do miss my car here in London!
On this last picture you can see how close Naala loves to come and "she" is always around...The lodge on the background is where we stayed....that whole lodge...big enough for about 10 people...sleeping comfortably! There are about 55 others!...and a hippo! plus Zebra, Buffalo and I could hear wild dogs at night...
This structure on the next two pictures.....is in Akasia...north of Pretoria very close where our best friends, Johan/Odelia live. This is a "forum"....so if you have something to say...go there!! haha...

I think this structure is a bit misplaced! It doesn't fit in where it stands....I think there was a bit of money which they didn't know how to spend.....or there wasn't enough money to do it properly! :)

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