28 Aug 2007

Maths and chess


Maths.......... and ........chess


Chess is fast track to brainier kids

"Closer to home, there is Van Zyl (1991), who studied South African high school students. After three years of chess instruction, he concluded that there was a "significant improvement in both verbal and non-verbal IQ scores".

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From the American foundation for chess:

Interesting reading here too...about research

This is so true..!

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  1. Anonymous30.8.07

    I believe there are sound logical reasons for the symbiosis (may I use that word here?) between chess, mathematics and grammar.


    Group theory and set theory are fundamental branches of mathematics. It is rewarding to discover how the concepts of these theories are realised in chess - a kind of "Eureka moment" for the mathematician!


    To examine the symbiosis between chess and grammar, let me recall a good friend, the late Professor Donald Michie, who died recently.

    Professor Michie was one of that elite team of mathematical and linguistic whizzes at Bletchley Park in the 1940s, who cracked German cipher codes. He went on to set up Edinburgh University's world-renowned Department of Machine Intelligence and Perception.

    Professor Michie recognised that a machine can understand grammar, and then translate from one language to another, by analysing the STRUCTURE of the grammar. He remarked to me how this was the same kind of structure that a computer might analyse in order to not only speak a language coherently, but to play chess.

    For instance, from a computer's point of view, to create a meaningful sequence of words in a phrase of grammar, is equivalent to generating a sequence of chess moves to carry out a particular chess strategy.

    Needless to add, Professor Michie was a seriously good chess player.


    So I believe there is a sound logical basis for saying that playing chess helps you with your reading, writing and arithmetic, especially when you are young and still grappling with the basic structure of these things!

    sonny robot