27 Aug 2007


I hurt my hand yesterday with the bike ride....in the park where we rode, there were a lot of muddy pools, a lot more than before, actually muddy potholes...almost like in this picture....but more of them and they were closer to one another....I was trying to go around one...the next moment..hello!! muddy water....here I come! haha...that was funny....my thumb hurts the most....and by looking at this picture about your hand...my abductor..pollicis...brevis....got hurt too! Wow, feels like I'm swearing here....I'm glad I don't have to study for a doctor! I wonder if they do know all of this!! I only realise now how many muscles work together only by using your thumb!

Follow THIS link if you are a doctor and want to know more...or ....if you want to study to become a doctor!The link will open in a new window.


  1. Anonymous21.3.09

    Thanks for the picture... Indeed I am a doctor and was looking for M. abductor pollicis brevis. I can assure you studying anatomy is a pain in the ass, but it is essential for practicing medicine... But as you see, sometimes you forget...

  2. Hello Doctor! Welcome to my blog...I'm glad I could help you :)) Good luck with all these names!!

  3. Anonymous16.12.09

    nice pictures!!! thanks for the link! :)

  4. hi Anonymous
    That is a pleasure :)