26 Aug 2007

Steve Hofmeyr

Steve is one of my top favourite South African artists. He can impersonate a lot of other singers too, one example is Neil Diamond.

Dana Winner also performed once with him at
Sun City

He also wrote a song which she translated into Flemish which brought her fame in her country too
Steve is everybody's favourite in South Africa....colour/age/language/familytree/favourite cat/size....nothing matters when you have Steve to listen to!

This song's title is "PAMPOEN"...which means..."pumpkin" in English....some South Africans will use it as a petname! The old man in this video is Al Debo...he was in his younger days a singer/comediant himself....he is famous for the song...in Afrikaans...."Hasie, hoekom is jou stert so kort?"...translated...Hare, why is your tail so short?

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