27 Aug 2007

National Anthem

Read hereabout the "new" anthem...which is also the anthem of a few other African countries!! ......and you can listen to the "old" anthem here. It is sung in Afrikaans and then in English....in English it is called ..."The Call of South Afrika".
One viewer posted this comment on the Youtube site..."this anthem is not racist at all .."
(this is so ludricous...or is it more a case of SADNESS...that people were so misinformed about South Africa and the people living there....)

And I'm just wondering...why are people so narrow-minded! It's not to say that because some
people in our country were/are racists....that ALL of them are and even the national anthem!!! I don't like to say..."oh my god..."(yes, I do have a God!)...but I feel like saying it now!! Wake up people, it is because you don't know what was going on and you only soaked up what was put in the newspapers!! You didn't travel to our beautiful country yourself to see for yourself!! Seeing is believing...as they say! If I must believe the newspapers, then all countries all over the world are racist countries!! Even today!! yes, even those of you living in those countries reading now here...you too...because you live there, so it makes you a racist too! Is that how you reason about people! No!!

We sang the National Anthem always every week during Assemblies and you were really proud to sing it! Even today, if I have to sing it now, I will sing it with the same proudness and warm feeling for my country in my heart!! And...it wasn't a song that was "whispered" and some perhaps didn't know the words of! Everybody sang it loud and clear and everybody knew the words perfectly and you sang it as if it was all that mattered!


  1. Those that care are listening !! those that have the power to change are deaf