1 Sep 2007

All in the mind

"It is your mind that creates this world"....

"Nobody today is normal, everybody is a little bit crazy or unbalanced, people's minds are running all the time. Their perceptions of the world are partial, incomplete. They are eaten alive by their egos. They think they see, but they are mistaken; all they do is project their madness, their world, upon the world. There is no clarity, no wisdom in that!"- Taisen Deshimaru

Cleaning...cleaning.....all morning! Why is it that you always want every single corner to be cleaned out if friends are visiting.....wonder if everybody is like that! Not just cleaned out, but almost bleached out!! Not even played one single move in one chess game! This is sad....but the good news is...we have friends tonight for a BBQ....so..."dit spyt my..." as the picture says in Dutch (tspijt me)..."sorry"....no chess tonight too! That is SO not me! Also, I'm reading this very interesting book about South Africa....one English chess player sent it to me...Denis...(thank you Denis!!)that book was written in the 1960's....SO good!! The title of the book...."In search of South Africa..." I will post tomorrow about this book.....I'm now only on page 59...I think...but love every word of it...

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