20 Sep 2007


On the chess site, Barry shared with me what his dad was like. I've asked him permission to blog it on my site, because it is really a special dad he'd had. Click on the image to see a larger view and to read about his altruistic dad. I think his dad's good deed made a huge impact on that man to change positively and to live a good life for the rest of his life...also, not only to live a good life, but to become a good father and husband...to his family. Dads are special people in children's lives, I think the most important person. A mum is "automatically" and she is always "there", but it is different with a dad. Dads do matter more! I believe that dads play a more unique role in any child's life, whether it's a girl/boy.
"What makes a dad..." was found here.Enjoy!

I find this quite amusing...

Besides the requirements of being a man,
A Dad is expected to have the endurance of a camel
The shrewdness of a fox, the patience of an elephant,
The industriousness of a beaver
and the cheeriness of a Robin

Interesting reading why Dads Matter.
More reading from the Good News Magazine of understanding.
Personally, I am a big supporter for the rights of fathers....I would climb the Big Ben with those people --if they need me ---to climb it again...to fight for their rights.....hahaha...I thought that they have had guts to do it and admired them for that! We all should strive for more rights for fathers!!

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