21 Sep 2007

Chess game 2

I played black in this game - as a friendly game -against a player with a rating about 350 more than my own. It was a tough game- especially from move 20 onwards...- and I made at one point a simple mistake and lost my one rook!....(move 42/43) and in move 66 I sacrificed my queen, knowing that I have a couple of pawns.....he resigned due to the "gay pawn that was about to get a sex change"...hahaha...that was HIS words afterwards and I found it very funny.....I must add that he crushed me in our first game ....and now....he's taking revenge in our third game! ......chess is really not a dull game like some people think! Feel welcome to leave comments on the game!

Enjoy these quotes about chess and by following the link at the end..you can even read more....

“Chess is played with the mind and not with the hands!”(Renaud and Kahn)
“Chess is mental torture”(Garry Kasparov)

“Methodical thinking is of more use in Chess than inspiration”(C. J. S. Purdy)
“What would Chess be without silly mistakes?”(Kurt Richter)
“Chess is a beautiful mistress”(Bent Larsen)
“A Chess game is divided into three stages: the first, when you hope you have the advantage, the second when you believe you have advantage, and the third... when you know you're going to lose!”(Savielly Tartakower)
“Chess is everything: art, science and sport”(Anatoly Karpov)
“If Chess is a science, it's a most inexact one. If Chess is an art, it is too exacting to be seen as one. If Chess is a sport, it's too esoteric. If Chess is a game, it's too demanding to be just a game. If Chess is a mistress,she's a demanding one. If Chess is a passion, it's a rewarding one. If Chess is life, it's a sad one” (Unknown)
“Becoming successful at Chess allows you to discover your own personality. That's what I want for the kids I teach”(Saudin Robovic)
“Chess, like any creative activity, can exist only through the combined efforts of those who have creative talent, and those who have the ability to organize their creative work”(Mikhail Botvinnik)
Vladimir Kramnik "For us chess players the language of artist is something natural."
German artist Ugo Dossi. "For me art and chess are closely related, both are forms in which the self finds beauty and expression ..."
Kramnik: "The development of beauty in chess never depends on you alone. No matter how much imagination and creativity you invest, you still do not create beauty. Your opponent must react at the same .... To a certain extent it is like a dance. Both dancers must be creative, in order to keep the creativity flowing.
Tarrasch :"Chess, like love, like music, has the power to make men happy" Alexander Alekhine:"Chess is a beautiful mistress."
Garry Kasparov:"Chess is mental torture"
Wilhelm Steinitz:"Chess is not for timid souls. "
G Kasparov:"Chess is an art."

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  1. Tarrasch !! does it make women happy too ???

  2. In game !! move 46 q to f5 , forces exchange !! you are then two pieces ahead !! no problem !! just technique !! keep it simple !! well done for beating someone 350 ahead of you !! ... ive never done that !!